MGM Resorts Intl and BetMGM tie-up with Kindbridge

MGM Resorts International, in collaboration with BetMGM, has partnered with Kindbridge to fund research into gambling-related problems and mental health challenges. Kindbridge offers mental and health solutions. 

Kindbridge Research Institute and Kindbridge Behavioral Health are organizations whose mission is to gain an understanding of the complex issues that plague communities at risk. In turn, they provide the necessary solutions with regard to negative gambling behavior. 

MGM Resorts has awarded Kindbridge $100,000 for a voluntary medication program aimed at assisting senior individuals in Las Vegas who suffer from gambling addiction. The objective of this intervention is to mitigate the individuals’ gambling inclinations.

According to the gambling news, Stephen Martino, senior vice president and chief compliance officer at MGM Resorts, asserts that their involvement will enable them to prescribe the most effective treatment for compulsive gamblers to eradicate their addictions. Indeed, they have established connections with military personnel to discuss and resolve comparable concerns that they encounter. 

In collaboration with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, treatment clinicians from the Las Vegas Veterans Affairs Residential Recovery and Renewal Center (LVR3) will participate in the study. The research is a component of the 50x4vets initiative of the Kindbridge Research Institute, which aims to increase the amount of research devoted to wagering addiction among the elderly. 

Kindbridge Research Institute’s Executive Director, Nathan D. Smith, stated that BetMGM has pledged to strengthen its partnership with Kindbridge Behavioral Health by offering solutions for problematic wagering issues throughout the United States. At the present moment, BetMGM has fulfilled its six-month commitment to the Kindbridge Colorado Pilot Program. 

Rhea Loney, the Chief Compliance Officer at BetMGM, describes their participation in a program that seeks solutions to negative wagering factors as an honor. They should remain informed about the numerous issues that continue to emerge in the wagering industry. 

Daniel Umfleet, the chief executive officer of Kindbridge Behavioral Health, lauds BetMGM’s commendable initiative to address problems associated with problematic gambling and addiction.

At the same time, MGM Resorts and BetMGM have designated March as Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) in collaboration with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). During the month of March, GameSense will disseminate extensive messaging throughout the BetMGM Resorts region and its application. GameSense is an MGM Resorts-approved responsible gaming initiative that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation established in 2017.  

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