Mystic and Queens Club integrates CT Gaming’s Diamond Tree jackpot

CT Gaming is known for its innovation and creativity. Taking the lead from this, the brand has now come up with the Diamond Tree jackpot. Additionally, the title satisfies the community’s demand for an intriguing jackpot title. One of CT Gaming’s long-term partners, Mystic and Queens Club, has integrated it.

It has instantly become a huge hit among gamers. CT Gaming already rides high on the reputation of being the most trustworthy brand. It has come up with innovative and engaging content that is undoubtedly praiseworthy. Diamond Tree has been termed one of the best works by CT Gaming.

What makes the title successful is the fact that the brand considers its clients while drafting the content. A similar tone has been echoed by Biser Bozhanov, the director of business development and strategy at CT Gaming, who has said that they link their success to the success of their clients, thereby dedicating all their efforts to deploying cutting-edge gaming solutions. Clients benefit from titles as they are not just engaging but also efficient enough to generate higher revenue growth.

Calling it a game changer, Biser has further stated that it is a progressive jackpot title that brings with it higher engagement value for players with unique gaming experiences and increased revenue.

Integration by Mystic and Queens Club matters a lot to CT Gaming. They are long-term partners, and the Club also holds one of the top positions in the Bulgarian market. Diamond Tree is currently listed in the halls of the Club. It has, so far, received positive feedback from players. Diamond Tree goes on to offer a wider experience by staying connected to other games and offering a chance to win big.

Georgi Doichinov from Mystic and Queens Club said that they had seen a number of jackpot titles; however, Diamond Tree has turned out to be a huge hit. Calling it a three-level progressive jackpot, the manager of the Club has appreciated Diamond Tree for coming up with three jackpot levels, giving players more chances to win on a bet.

Based on this feature alone, clubs can now attract more players.

CT Gaming wants to develop new ideas and technologies that will allow its products and services to set the trend. The integration of Diamond Club by Mystic and Queens Club follows the news that CT Gaming has opened up more opportunities at ICE 2023. Biser said ICE London was a wonderful event to introduce their new products. They have received a lot of positive feedback, helping CT Gaming open the doors for more partnerships it now looks forward to. Another aspect that worked in their favor was that the team exceeded the objectives of generating leads for the brand.

For now, players can engage with Diamond Tree at Mystic and Queens Club while CT Gaming works to bring other interesting content in the days to come.

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