NBA Conference Semifinals Game 5: Lakers meet Warriors again

The Las Angeles Lakers are leading the series by 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors. Another victory, and they would be all set with the series. Game 5, however, will delay that as the Warriors are touted to win by 121-10 in the Basketball game. In other words, the Lakers will have to win till Game 6 or 7 to take the NBA series home with them.

The Warriors have only won 1 game till now – Game 2 – and that was by a wide margin. The Warriors registered a tally of 127 against 100 by Los Angeles.

If the first quarter is anything to go by, then it looked as if the Warriors would be left disappointed for the second straight time. The Lakers had put up 33 points in the first quarter. This received a response of 41 points put up in the second quarter of the Basketball series. The game was indeed close by the time they went for the break.

Come the third quarter, the momentum continued to incline toward the Warriors, who could then relax and win despite lagging behind 17-20 in the concluding quarter. Klay made the most of the opportunity by bringing 30 points to the side. He was complemented by Stephen, bringing 20 points on the board.

LeBron James registered 3 assists, 7 rebounds, and 23 points to his name. Rui came close with 21 points, but that did not suffice the purpose. Result: The game slipped away from the Lakers.

They bounced in the following two games to rise much above in the series. Game 3 saw the final tally of 127-97 in their favor, with Anthony Davis registering the number of points in game 25. James matched Russel for 21 each. Stephen continued to rain for the Warriors.

Except for the first quarter, it was the Lakers all the way for the win. Something similar cooked up in Game 4, wherein the second and third quarters looked to favor the Warriors. James and Anthony gave it all to bring 27 points and 23 points, respectively. It was finally the 6-of-9 shooting from Lonnie Walker that set the stage for the victory.

The Lakers are 7th in the Western Conference, just below the Warriors. While Game 5 is inclined toward the Warriors, there is little to no doubt that the series will ultimately land for the Lakers.

The Lakers have peaked at a time when it is necessary. In this Basketball series, Anthony brought 30 for the side in Game 1, and he has not remained silent since then. James constantly putting up a brace 20+ on the board speaks volumes that the duo is determined to make it to the final line at the right time. Stephen and Klay are doing their jobs for the Warriors, but that could be less than expected. Expect Game 5 to side with the Warriors unless the Lakers can find a way to turn the tables to their side.

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