Nevada’s physical casinos witnessed a dip in revenue generation

Nevada’s physical casinos generated a total revenue of $1.29 billion in March, compared to $1.31 billion in the same month last year. The figures were shared by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB). This took place after eight months. 

Revenue collection rose 4.44%, to $11.91 billion, from July 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024, the last year witnessing winnings of $11.4 billion. The state received $86.4 million in taxation, a drop of 11.22% compared to 2023. This is being attributed to two Taylor Swift events and the NCAA basketball championship. 

The Lunar New Year brought some good tidings, with revenue generation seeing a slight increase in February 2024, along with the Super Bowl. Nevada does not boast of having an online casino competition; the sole player is 

Clark County witnessed winnings of $1.1 billion out of the total $1.29 billion coming from the 444 casinos in Nevada. There was a dip of 1.55%.

The Vegas Strip collected $715 million, a 1.2% decrease from 2023. Old Vegas casinos, too, saw a 12.85% decline, standing at $76 million. 

Except for Baccarat, all other casinos saw a dip. In Nevada, casinos made $114.7 million from the casino. The Vegas Strip was responsible for the high-figure earnings. It holds 409 baccarat properties. The casinos surrounding Las Vegas Blvd raked in $111 million via Baccarat, a jump of 74.05%. 

The casinos in Nevada made some money via slot machines, double that from tables. Las Vegas brought in $874.5 million via slot machines and $415.9 million from table games. Baccarat raised it by 2.54%. 

The betting amount via sportsbooks in Nevada stood at $785.3 million. In 2023, the figure was $830.5 million. College-level football saw substantial betting amounts, but Nevada Sportsbook collected only $29.8 million in revenue.

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