Scott Sibella faces fines, License loss over illegal bets

Scott Sibella, the former president of MGM Grand, has a challenging week ahead as he prepares to be sentenced on May 8. He has been criticized for not reporting suspicious transactions connected with known illegal bookmakers. This law followed the new complaint filed on April 30 by Nevada officials, which could land him a sizable penalty and jeopardy of his gaming license.

The recent involvement of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the filing of a complaint by Nevada’sNevada’s Attorney General Aaron D. Ford, and the accusatory charges against Sibella by the US Attorney’sAttorney’s Office in federal court have been based on the same violations Sibella has been accused of in the past. Pleading guilty to these charges, Sibella will likely be sentenced to probation, but he may go up to five years in prison and be fined up to $250,000.

The central objection to the state’s complaint is that Sibella is accredited as a gaming facility operator. The allegation sets out the issue of his eligibility since his conduct while serving at MGM Grand drew flames. The July 27 case at MGM Grand was particularly interesting when the defendant paid $120,000 cash to settle the marker. Sibella acknowledged that she knew about the deal and pleaded guilty to it during a court hearing in Los Angeles, California, this year.

Investigations by the Nevada Gaming Control Board found that Sibella knew about Wayne Nix, the gambler from Orange County, California, who frequently stayed at the Aria and the Mirage, the MGM’sMGM’s properties. It was discovered that Nix had an association with underground betting. While being aware of the fact reported by the media, Sibella decided to disregard Nix’s funds, which had been laundered through the casino to cover the huge debts of Nix.

The action committed by MGM Grand and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas through their involvement led to the turn of events as they parted with an agreement of a $7.45 million fine to be split between them after Sibella got herself into trouble. Together with these admissions, Nix also acknowledged his running of an illegal gambling operation and the commission of tax fraud while he stayed on trial in April 2022.

The Nevada-charged Nevada is compelling to penalize Sibella and make it seem like the Nevada Gaming Commission will take action against his gaming licenses. This relates to NRS 463.310(4), which the Commissioners of the state of Nevada employ in their gambling activities to guarantee that fairness and honesty prevail. This statute has been used in well-known instances such as that of Steve Wynn, who was charged with 10 million dollars as he faced the accusation of sexual misconduct.

In 2019, Sibella left MGM and started to work for Resorts World. On the other hand, in September 2023, he was fired because of a contravention of company rules. In addition, the state is holding him accountable for his admitted non-compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, which could result in his career loss. This incident becomes a resounding warning for the executives in the game business to maintain higher standards and risks and prevent money laundering as part of their jobs.

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