Notable winners shine at Thunder Valley Casino Resort’s WSOP

Thunder Valley Casino Resort recently hosted a 12-day series of events for the World Series of Poker. It saw 679 entries to create a prize pool of $1,028,685, which was ultimately shared among the 102 players. A total of nine players made it to the final table, with Jordan Griff sticking to the 9th position.

Jordan left with a small portion of the prize pool after being eliminated early. Roman Shainiuk stuck around a little longer to give a tough fight to those who remained after the early elimination. The unavoidable event occurred, and Roman was forced to leave the table with $22,898 after the chips discovered a way to no longer handle the negotiation.

It all came down to the top seven, where Odgerel gave a tough fight. It worked wonders to give him the best prize of $195,194 for the first position on the charts. Bilguun Odgerel also secured a spot in the Tournament of Champions. A direct entry looks to represent a significant chunk of the win because no other player is credited with that reward.

Not even the second-placed champion, Brandon Zuidema, missed a chance to secure the second WSOP golden ring of his career. Being the second player to secure a reward of more than $100,000 still feels special. Specifically, Brandon has taken $120,643 from the table for the second position in the top two final tables.

Bilguun knows Brandon, and he knows that patience will play a role in sliding the victory in his favor. Calling Brandon a tough player, Bilguun said that all he did was try his best not to give the chips away and just get the job done. Angela Jordison’s search for a second circuit ring ended after she got eliminated just after Kevin Vanderbeek for the 5th position.

Taking home a total of $48,839 is nothing to be concerned about, especially if one is playing at one of the more competitive tables. Kevin had previously left for a portion of $37,999, an odd sum that Kevin hoped should have been rounded for a better reflection. Casey Sandretto exited the table, leaving only the top two players for the final battle. The thousand-dollar series concluded with a payout of $88,817.

Kenneth Baime can be spotted at the 7th position for $29,320. The same goes for Narongsak Dhaijaichon, except for the fact that the journey for Narongsak ended at the 4th position for a reward of $66,145.

A total of 13 events were scheduled, all with notable participants taking the win in their favor. For instance, Event #1 has been topped by Lon McEachern, and Event #5 has Shirley Rosario in the first position. Bilguun Odgerel has topped Event #11: $1,700 Main Event.

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