Pragmatic Play’s latest launch, Fish Eye online slot game, is a rollercoaster ride to Ancient Egypt

Pragmatic Play happens to be the absolute top-of-the-line content provider in terms of the overall iGaming industry. It delivers its very latest online game Fish Eye. This online slot is based on the lines of ancient Egypt, with all that is contained in it, in accordance. It has been created over 5×3 reels, with the title coming with symbols in the form of scarabs, the Eye of Horus, as well as leopards. This has been done in order to be in synchronization with the fundamentals of the existing theme and narrative involving visions of the Egypt of before. The basics of the game happen to involve these very symbols and have them in a calculated combination over the game’s ten pay-lines in order to be able to successfully obtain a winning hand. 

The fish symbols that happen to be existing in the game are connected with immediate cash prizes. The idea is to be able to trap either four or above four of these very fish in order to be able to attain the involved cash prize. With the successful capturing of every fish, there happens to be a ladder that is to be accordingly climbed to receive a spin.

The collection of fifteen fish will open the doors for attaining great rewards. In order to achieve the free spins round, however, there happens to be the requirement of a minimum of three scatters. The add-on ones will enable further free spins. It is made possible for the collection of fish symbols only through that of a Pharaoh symbol. In turn, the possession of four of them together opens the doors for a retrigger.

There also happens to be the inclusion of a Cleopatra symbol that does away with the least amount of fish prize and, in turn, offers another spin. In the very same fashion, the capture of two Cleopatra symbols in the case of a single spin does away with the two lowly symbols and yet sets off awarding three more spins. 

A little before this very latest deliverance has seen the success and popularity of such online slots as the Secret City Gold, along with the Pin-up Girls. These iconic titles happen to be a segment of the overall collection of more than the figure of 250 extraordinary titles belonging to the arsenal of Pragmatic Play. The games provider, incidentally, has the capacity to produce somewhere around seven slots in just a period of a single month. It is also known to be possessing Live Casino, Virtual Sports, and Bingo games. All of this is, however, made available through the help of just a sole API.    

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