Oakland A’s to relocate to Las Vegas

Oakland A’s moving to Las Vegas, but the timeline is defining something that may not allow them to take swift action. Owners are slated to cast their votes only at November’s meeting, following which A will be allowed to make the move. The reason why the timeline is under question is because the stadium has yet to be constructed. Meaning, Oakland A will have to find a venue for the 2025–2027 season.

The team’s management has submitted an application to MLB (Major League Baseball). Assuming the application goes through, the new stadium will still only be ready by the 2028 season.

A committee of three representatives is looking to review the application. These are Mark Attanasio from the Milwaukee Brewers, John Middleton from the Philadelphia Phillies, and John Sherman from the Kansas City Royals. Once reviewed, the application will be passed to Rob Manfred, the Commission of MLB, who will then take a final call along with an executive council of eight people.

At least 75% of votes must favor Oakland A for the management to execute the move to Las Vegas. The final approval will only happen if the 30 MLB owners express their support, with a minimum of 75% agreeing in favor of the decision.

According to the latest sports news, Construction of the new stadium is expected to begin only in 2025. A’s lease with Oakland is scheduled to run through the 2024 season. There will be a gap from the 2025 to 2028 seasons. Hence, there is a requirement to make temporary arrangements for the 2025–2027 period. There is a chance that the team will sign a short-term contract with Oakland until it moves to Las Vegas. They are also thinking about staying in the Bay Area to share the facilities of Oracle Park, where the San Francisco Giants are already availing the facilities.

An obvious choice could be to stay with the Las Vegas Aviators, for they are the affiliates of Oakland A. Mortenson and McCarthy are building the new stadium. They have experience building Allegiant Stadium and Target Field. Oakland A has got them on board with confidence that they can deliver a retractable roof stadium on 9 acres of land. CAA ICON will oversee the construction to ensure it is completed within the timeline.

To summarize, Oakland A’s application is with the 3-person committee that will review the application before passing it to the Commissioner of MLB and the 30-member board. A needs a minimum of 75% votes in its favor in order to make a move to Las Vegas. There is a gap to be filled for the 2025–2027 seasons, which Oakland itself could likely fill with an extended contract. An alternative is to be with the Las Vegas Aviators. The new stadium will only be ready to host the 2028 MLB season.

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