Picks and predictions ahead of College World Series 2024

The 2024 College World Series begins on June 14 and concludes on June 24. The baseball event will be hosted by Charles Schwab Field Omaha. Eight teams that made it through to the selection process on May 27, 2024, will now lock horns for the final title. Of all the teams participating in the tournament, Tennessee has the best chance to emerge victorious. The team is sliding in with odds of +290.

Florida ranks the lowest on the charts with +1200 odds. The other two teams most likely to give a tough contest to Tennessee are Texas A&M and Kentucky. They have odds of +330 and +500, respectively, in their favor. It is important to note that teams can defy the odds anytime. The actual outcome is subject to numerous factors, and it could differ from what anyone, including experts, predicted.

North Carolina and Florida State are ranked next on the list. While North Carolina has +600 odds stacked to them, Florida State has +750. Both teams are followed by Virginia and NC State with odds +900 and +1100, applicable in the same order.

The event can be viewed on ESPN from 2 pm local time. Game 1 will welcome North Carolina and Virginia. Tennessee versus Florida State will follow the track at 7 pm local time. Games 3-4 will happen the next day when Kentucky & NC State set the stage with an opener. Texas A&M and Florida will enter the ground at 7 pm.

June 16, 2024, will host two more games, but the fixtures will be between the losing and winning sides of the first two games. June 17, 2024, will replicate the games 3-4 model. Sides for events commencing from June 18, 2024, will be decided once the first eight games have concluded and the table has ranked all the teams according to points.

Games 13-14 will be held only if necessary, and MCWS Final Game 3 will also be held only if necessary on June 24, 2024.

The final could be played between at least one of the top three teams according to odds laid out earlier. Only Florida is believed to have a long shot. Interestingly, its chances of qualification are not zero. It could make it to the last lap if it puts in tons of effort as an underdog. Fans don’t precisely anticipate victory from weak sides, but no one ever eliminates them without giving them a chance.

That said, the baseball event will happen at a time when the US is hosting the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup. Residents are already in the sporty mood, and a local sport like baseball will certainly take it up a notch. Expect busy days for every sport that is being played in the country.

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