NRL plans to make an entry into the US sports betting arena

The National Rugby League (NRL) has its origin in Australia. It is a rugby league club tournament and includes associated clubs from places like New South Wales, as well as Queensland, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, along with NewZealand. 

The National Rugby League (NRL) is all prepared to make its entry into the US sports betting arena. According to the plans that are afoot, this will take place before it starts making the necessary preparations for the following season’s games. 

The entire aim and intention is to be able to gather a share for itself from the multi-billion dollar sports betting arena spread out over the entire United States of America. How lucrative the market can be is easily gauged from the fact that in New York alone, the amount of money that was circulating was to the tune of a staggering $16 billion in the year gone by.

In the case of Australia, it is South Sydney, as well as Manly and Melbourne, which have expressed their keen desire to be able to play out the season’s opening at none other than the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada. According to the Chairman of ARL, Peter V’landys, he is already ready for his journey to the US and will be divulging his exact plans shortly. 

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