Play’n Go Is Launching a New Online Music Slot

As the thrill of gambling goes on the internet, millions of players come forward to sign-up on their preferred platform. Regulations and licenses are here to protect the interest of those who wish to engage in online gambling. In addition to that, platforms are using the benefits of Crypto and blockchain technology to become a secure place for everyone.

Traditional casinos continue to have their charm. The fact still cannot be denied that online Crypto casinos are stealing the thunder. They are on the verge of becoming the most popular way of gambling.

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A New Addition By Play’n Go

Play’n Go has been collaborating with reputed artists to ensure that players who engage with their games get to listen to the best pieces of music from different eras.

In a recent development, the developer has extended its portfolio of offering music-themed casino games by releasing Def Leppard Hysteria. Post-launch, players will have an option to enjoy the music of the most popular band from the 80s.

In a further bid to attract more players, Play’n Go has taken the liberty to coin its features based on the lyrics of the band.

Music begins when someone loads the reel. Players enjoy the music before spinning to test their fortune. As for the features, it has indeed taken inspiration from the lyrics of the band to define the features of the game.

Break It Up, a lyric from Pour Some Sugar On Me is a feature that randomly shuffles symbols on a non-winning spin. Players stand a higher chance to win in the reshuffle as 3-6 wilds are automatically added by the developer.

Another feature that derives its name from the lyric is Fire Me Up. According to Fire Me Up, a symbol selected at random must be a part of the winning combination. The result of which is that 3-6 wilds are added to the game.

Play’n Go continues to collaborate with several artists because it allows the developer an opportunity to push its platform to incorporate more features. Players are known to enjoy their favorite music, something that they could not do at land-based casinos.

This marks a clear distinction, adding more weight in favor of online casinos. The industry is still evolving. Till the time platforms and their respective developers work to upgrade themselves, the online casino industry will only go uphill.

It is all about visuals and the level of entertainment. The revolution has already started with many developers integrating Cryptocurrency onto their platforms. Players find it attractive as they can hide gambling transactions in their bank statements.

Talking a bit more about collaborations of Play’n Go with artists, the platform continues to look for more partners who are willing to offer the rights to their pieces of music.

Charlotte Miliziano, the Head of Games at Play’n Go, stated that collaborations with artists like Def Leppard happen to be very popular among its players. The statement added that it was all about the goal, visuals, and entertainment for the developers.

Based on this statement, it is safe to assume that a lot lies in the future for the Online Crypto Casino industry. Countries and their respective governments are recognizing digital currency. As it continues to grow in terms of acceptance, more players from across the world will participate in the process of healthy gambling.

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