Softswiss Launches Crypto-Centric Features and Passes Audit for Spanish Market

Online Casinos, as the name suggests, are the casinos that exist over the internet. Players can participate from any part of the world to enjoy their favorite game. The rise of Cryptocurrency has spiced up the existence of online casinos.

Many users now look to utilize their digital holdings to play a game. While some online casinos are yet to integrate their operations with a blockchain-based network, many have already taken a step in this direction. Players now only need to have a digital wallet to deposit and receive their digital holdings from online casinos.

All the major games are easily accessible at an online casino. These include Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots, to mention a few. One can also try their hands at Dash casinos. They have proved to be very popular among enthusiasts because of the benefits that they offer to the players.

Softswiss Upgrades

Luck is definitely needed to withdraw handsome winnings from online casinos. A segment where one can win through their patience is with the authorities who hold control over granting licenses for the operations.

Softswiss, the online gambling software company, has finally passed the security and audit conducted by Asensi Technologies, allowing it to finally expand its operations in the Spain market.

Arseni Technologies is the testing company that has been accredited by DGOJ, short for Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego.

With the certification in place, the Game Aggregator of Softswiss will now be able to offer easy integration to the local operator. They earlier had to pass a security audit in order to be certified. Local operators will now be able to integrate game providers simply by securing one certificate.

The certificate will be between the online gaming entity and the Game Aggregator.

Tatyana Kaminskaya, the Head of Game Aggregator for Softswiss, said that the move had been on their radar for a long time, and the team was pleased to add Spain to the list of regulated markets. Tatyana Kaminskaya called the Spain market a very demanding market, an ideal place for operators and software suppliers.

The Game Aggregator, on this occasion, announced that it had launched Crypto-Exchange, a Crypto-centric feature, on the platform.

Crypto-Exchange opens the doors for everyone irrespective of the form in which they hold their currency. Prior to this update, players could only play those games that either accepted Cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Their options were limited.

Things have now changed as players can engage in any game they want. Through the in-game conversion feature, players can indulge in games that accept only fiat currency even if they hold Cryptocurrency in the balance.

Approximately 170 game providers will remain accessible through this feature. The number earlier was around 40-plus game studios. All the bets placed with Crypto will currently be registered in the US Dollar. More fiat currencies are being lined up for the future.

Andrey Starovoitov, the Chief Operating Officer for Softswiss, said that the company was pleased to move forward and open up its portfolio to the players. Andrey Starovoitov added that Softswiss would further look to simplify the player journey and gameplay experience.

Every update that comes into the market gives hope that there is a lot left for Crypto Casinos to offer. The future surely looks good and depends on how well they adapt to the changes in regulations.

There will not be a point of concern till the time Cryptocurrencies continue to gain recognition in the global market. However, they still need to address concerns around the volatility of digital currencies.

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