Pre-draft analysis of scouting reports of current raiders

A pre-drafting analysis has been prepared with the help of various scouting reports as far as the National Football League (NFL) is concerned. This body is the highest in terms of professional football associated with the U.S. Selectors have the absolute uphill task of picking the right player from among all of the otherwise freshers. They are the ones who have to be able to identify that special spark. Their career sometimes depends on it. They have to closely observe every single factor before they come to a final conclusion. The entire team depends on them.

One such case is that of Maxx Crosby. Referring to his scouting report from the year 2019, he mentions that the predictions made about him amounted to him being a normal talent and defender. However, the truth is that he is now a star defender for the Las Vegas Raiders. He was named to the Pro Bowl twice and the All-Pro Second Team in 2021, and he finished his career with 37.5 sacks.

Next in line is Davante Adams. Selectors described him as a rather slow and slightly weak character with little potential. In his case, and to his credit, he has 131 catches, which is the highest, along with 24 touchdowns. Following his NFL draft, he obtained a 99 production score, which was the highest ever. He proved the soothsayers completely wrong in every way.

Then there is Nate Hobbs, playing as a cornerback, who has managed 110 solo tackles as well as 11 pass deflections and 3 interceptions. In his case, his size and speed were recognized and appreciated, but the drawback lay in his route recognition and desire to push himself further. He proved the critics wrong with a score that read 74 total tackles, out of which three were for loss, an interception, and a sack. He also obtained a defensive grade to the tune of 80.1 from Pro Football Focus, which turned out to be the highest ever in terms of rookie cornerbacks.

A must-mention here is Hunter Renfrow. He is known for gathering 186 catches as well as 2,133 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns while in college. In his case, the negative aspect was his size and overall speed. The Raiders gave him the opportunity, and he managed to prove himself by being the seventh in line in terms of maximum number of catches and receiving yards amongst all the players in his draft class. In the third season, he proved his class and expertise with 103 catches, 1,038 receiving yards, nine touchdowns, and a Pro Bowl chance.

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