Sports betting app Wagr is now acquired by Yahoo

The acquisition of Wagr comes in the wake of Yahoo’s recently established Fantasy Sports Group, which will manage all its fantasy sports offerings. Through Wagr, users can make private and public bets on their favorite team or players. The app also allows users to compare and track each other’s betting outcomes in real time alongside friends. According to Yahoo, the addition of Wagr further emphasizes its role as a leader in daily fantasy sports leagues, providing differentiated experiences for fans.

Yahoo hopes that with the addition of Wagr, it will be able to offer even more interesting and engaging fan engagement experiences through its existing portfolio across fantasy sports, eSports, and traditional season-long games. 

While not much is known about future plans just yet, it’s clear that Yahoo wants to expand beyond just offering straightforward one-off contests by adding innovative new features that enhance user experience. It remains unclear how this acquisition will affect the useability landscape, but clearly, Yahoo is looking towards a stronger foothold into both gaming and esports markets going forward into 2021.

The betting platform is designed to allow users to bet on a range of different scenarios, such as sporting events or game outcomes. Bets are decided based on the real-time activities of participants and are constantly updated as they make decisions throughout a match or game. In addition, users can set their own limits – allowing them to create an even shared playing field where no one has an inherent advantage over another. This ensures that fairness remains at the heart of every gaming experience. 

Alongside its initial core offering, Unikrn also provides esports news and data analysis tools for gamers who want to keep up with the latest developments in the industry. These include aggregated stats from games across major tournaments and other relevant media outlets – giving players access to an extensive database they can use while making decisions about their bets. 

The company also works regularly with influencers from both within and outside esports, which helps increase awareness around current trends in gaming entertainment and upcoming championship matches that members might be interested in betting on.

According to Lanzone, “Wagr brings a dynamic fantasy sports and gaming offering to enhance the Yahoo Sports experience. Our goal is to make it easier for competitive gamers and fans alike to engage in gaming experiences, whether we create them ourselves or partner with the best companies in the industry. Wagr’s innovative technology allows us to bring new levels of engagement founded on data-driven decisions. We couldn’t be more excited about delivering this product suite under one roof.”

“Yahoo Sports Gaming President Adam Cahan added, “We recently announced an enhanced understanding of our mission: To deliver great content that lets people get in and stay in the game – whatever their passion may be – so they can have fun, connect socially and put something at risk confidently. 

Yahoo Sports has years of expertise connecting millions of monthly active users with compelling content, like editorial coverage throughout all major U.S. leagues as well as providing folks with unique opportunities like Fantasy Football & Basketball Playoffs games. Now by teaming up with Wagr’s team, we are able to bring even more entertainment choices within our portfolio while continuing to strengthen our commitment towards becoming the go-to destination for passionate sports fans all over America.“

Mario Malave, the CEO of Wagr, added that the partnership would allow them to overcome their mission and execute their plans with all the expanded resources.

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