Relax Gaming x BeyondPlay: Revolutionises multiplayer gameplay

Relax Gaming has announced its partnership with BeyondPlay with the objective of enhancing the gaming experience for players across the globe. Specifically speaking, the collaboration aims to take the gaming portfolio of the aggregator a step forward by letting players experience the thrill of multiplayer gameplay.

BeyondPlay and Relax Gaming are bringing several advantages to the table for each other’s ecosystem. For instance, BeyondPlay is carrying forward the legacy of multiplayer solutions through software that will be implemented in the ecosystem of Relax Gaming subject to the regulatory framework of the region. Relax Gaming, in return, will take the offering of BeyondPlay to the next level, helping the team to have a better reach.

Players will experience the transition when Relax Gaming announces rolling out a grouping of bets, also letting different players view the same round together.

Relax Gaming also gains the edge of attracting a customer base from a different demographic background altogether. The revised offering will include customer P2P reactions, pre-defined chat, and avatar creation. Identified as community-oriented games, they are tasked with transforming the play sessions by emphasizing heavily the aspects of entertainment and elements of social life.

BeyondPlay will push the boundaries for Relax Gaming. The iGaming aggregator will see gaining another point in terms of cementing its status in the industry as one of the leaders. Some of the aspects in this regard are the implementation of iGaming technology and adopters of the same.

Shelley Hannah from Relax Gaming has called the partnership with BeyondPlay monumental, adding that they are excited to see the direction where the company is headed. The Director of Casino Products has acknowledged that the landscape of the industry is fast shifting, making it vital for them to keep up with the kind of technology that is offered by partners like BeyondPlay.

Shelley has said in the conclusion that they are thrilled to be a part of this journey with BeyondPlay.

Karolina Pecl from BeyondPlay has responded to Shelley’s statement by saying that they are proud to partner with them, adding that the partnership with Relax Gaming will allow them to enhance the experience of players all over the world through the multiplayer mode.

The Chief Executive Officer of BeyondPlay has highlighted that they are basically combining their innovative platform with the beloved titles by Relax Gaming. Karolina has further expressed confidence in the partnership by stating that it will surely bring a lot of excitement that will be unparalleled in the industry.

BeyondPlay is now looking forward to working with Relax Gaming in the days to come. The community, following the announcement, cannot resist experiencing the transition to an enhanced gameplay session.

What makes Relax Gaming a potential partner for BeyondPlay is the fact that it features over 4,000 online casino titles on the platform. The brand is backed by many awards like for Best Mobile Gaming Software Provider and Best Game Provider.

Relax Gaming is known for housing high-performing proprietary slots plus a wide range of iGaming content supplied by third-party studios.

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