Jimmy Garoppolo likely to stay put without recovery before NFL 2023 season

The NFL is a tough nut to crack, especially if players are suffering from injuries. Jimmy Garoppolo is no stranger to this concept, for he himself has sustained a serious left foot injury. Reports now claim that his quarterback position in the Las Vegas Raiders could be at risk if he is unable to pass the physical ahead of the 2023 National Football League season.

A little backstory here, Jimmy Garoppolo has a history of sustaining injuries. It is hard to tell if those injuries have come ahead of crucial moments; however, the recent case is not going easy on him. It has been learned that Jimmy Garoppolo was unable to clear his physical after getting acquired by the Raiders. While all the contracts were in place and signatures were done, things fell apart after the conclusion of Jimmy Garoppolo’s physical.

The 3-year contract of the QB is worth approximately $75 million. All of it will be at risk if he is unable to clear his physical before the season. The Raiders have even added a clause to the contract, clarifying that they have the right to declare the contract void under such circumstances.

Assuming Jimmy Garoppolo is unable to make it through, his appearance in the NFL will be diminished to zero altogether. The only thing working in favor is for the Raiders, seeing NFL betting sites do most of the guesswork about his replacement.

Tom Brady is likely to make a comeback. The 46-year quarterback will surely bring back a lot of financials for the franchise, but it remains to be seen how well he will be utilized by the management. Tom is the most accomplished QB in the sport and is the minority owner as well. Others on the list to take Jimmy Garoppolo’s position are, in the order of possibilities starting from high to low:

  • Brian Hoyer
  • Matt Ryan
  • Nick Foles
  • Aidan O’Connell
  • Carson Wentz
  • Andy Dalton

Tom Brady re-appearing in the sport will be similar to him un-retiring again. Tom even making it to the list is something that reports is hard to believe.

The Raiders will bring Tom and his former English coach, Josh McDaniels, together. Reports say that there is more than what appears to be for Tom to make a comeback. Even though there is excitement in him to see his English coach again, talks are that he is rather more moved by the competitive nature of his personality along with the sense of pursuing victory in the NFL.

The NFL begins on September 07, 2023, and concludes on January 07, 2024. The Green Bay Packers have a total of 13 titles to their name. Fans will see the defending Super Bowl Champions host the Detroit Lions. The Kansas City Chiefs will be ready at GEHA Field for the kickoff. All eyes will be on Jimmy Garoppolo attempting to clear his physical ahead of the NFL season. Tom Brady is in line, but hopes are to see Jimmy Garoppolo make it to the list.

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