Reports say the Patriots might bring back the Special Teams Standout

Devin McCourty has reported another surprising news about the New England Patriots. According to McCourty, the Football team is entering a deal to bring back their special standout.

This alleged deal will stand for a year, keeping the team standout available. The news seems plausible, seeing how McCourty also reported the Patriots extending for Joe Cardona. During the team’s Week 6 win, Davis sustained a knee injury.

The player did not play for the entire season after the game with Cleveland Browns. With Davis coming back, the special team standout will also bring a wave of fresh air. Matthew Slater, the legendary special teamer, will also be making a comeback for the 16th season.

At the same time, Brenden Schooler is expected to improve during the second season. The New England Patriots have also added Chris Board, the special teamer from Detroit Lions. Chris has joined the team for two years, making the coming years massive for the Patriots.

The team has been in the headlines for multiple reasons recently. It was quite recent when the Patriots fan base was shocked to see the team not retaining Jakobi Meyers. The wide receiver is not transferred to play with the Raiders after signing a 33 million-dollar contract. 

McCourty also covered the news, showing immense surprise at the move. Meyers had been a crucial part of the Patriots with 6 touchdowns and 67 catches in the previous season alone. Now, the wide receiver is being replaced by Smith-Schuster. 

With drafts being open, the team will not have many issues finding ample pieces to fit the gaps. All eyes will be on the new and reappearing team members who will wear the Patriots’ jersey after a long time. 

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