Roland Israelashvili manages to obtain the 9th gold ring

In the run-up to the Tournament of Champions, and for the last week, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold is being played out at the venue of the Grand Victoria’s Circuit Series. This happens to be a preliminary round of poker games wherein all of the connected poker players have the opportunity of taking part and playing their hands in order to win some cash. 

The main reason is, however, to be able to obtain a seat for themselves at the prestigious Tournament of Champions. This absolutely grand event in the poker arena will duly be played out in Las Vegas. It happens to be slated for the 31st of May, 2023, and as expected, is going to be eagerly awaited by an entire lot of poker players, both freshers as well as experienced ones. 

In this event, the poker players trying their hand seem to be having some good tidings coming their way. In the $400 No-Limit Hold’em round, there happened to have been an enormous amount of entrees, counting up to 279 players in all. The prize pool that was put up was to the tune of $92,070, and This was duly distributed amongst the 42 players who were on the top of the list. 

However, this game saw Allen Kessler holding on to the fourteenth position and walking off with a cool $1,238. This was followed by Brett Reichard, who held onto the nineteenth place and took home an amount of $913. In the thirty-first position stood George Dietz, who happened to have carried away with him the amount of $649. 

The ultimate winner and holder of the very top position was Roland Israelashvili, who managed to successfully obtain his very own ninth gold ring. Along with that came the cash amount that he walked off with, to the tune of $20,227.    

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