All you need to know about crypto poker

What Is Crypto Poker?

Online poker is getting ahead of the game with the introduction of bitcoins as a mode of payment instead of bank transactions and fiat currency. 

To play a game, one needs first to acquire some bitcoins from an exchange. This might be a little tricky, but once it’s done, the rest of the process is a breeze. These coins can then be transferred to online poker sites as deposits and used for placing stakes. Likewise, the winnings are taken away in the form of coins,  and to convert them to physical currency, one has to get back into the exchange. But mostly, the players keep accumulating the coins and reusing them for the next game, thus making the process interesting and easy.

Pros and Cons of Crypto Poker

Because the US market was in such an odd position, cryptocurrency sites arose out of need. However, for the best crypto poker sites to take off, it has to provide some compelling benefits over traditional alternatives. 


  • The first and most obvious benefit is that money transactions are kept far more confidential. Players can keep their gambling habits hidden when they use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, which might be a genuine worry for a variety of reasons.
  • Every poker hand is recorded on the blockchain, and there is a complete record of everything that took place. The players are given complete openness. 


  • Crypto poker sites have several significant drawbacks. There are no safeguards or assurances in place. There are no banks involved, which is wonderful if you’re a free spirit, but most people want some kind of security when dealing with money. 
  • The price of cryptocurrency fluctuates dramatically all of the time. Keeping money in crypto is a risk in and of itself, which is not for everyone. Furthermore, if you have a problem, there is no one to complain to.

How to Use Crypto for Poker?

To play online poker with crypto, you must first buy some cryptocurrency.

There are a few options for accomplishing this. One of the simplest methods is just to ask a buddy to send you some. You only need to create a crypto wallet and provide them with your wallet address or email address. Agree on a price (you are reimbursing them, right?) and have them send it.

The majority of individuals, on the other hand, will almost certainly have to go via an exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange (and occasionally normal currencies like USD or CAD) houses a variety of cryptocurrencies. However, you may think of it as a Bitcoin shop if that’s easier for you. After your exchange account has been confirmed, you may begin purchasing cryptocurrency. You won’t be able to deposit straight from an exchange. Therefore you’ll need a crypto wallet. Most online wallets are free, and they’re definitely the best way to go if you’re only transferring money to an online poker account. It’s time to move your Bitcoin to your own personal wallet after you’ve acquired it. You can easily join a new poker site and deposit using crypto.

Wrapping Up

The value of cryptocurrency is very high today, but its history has been marked by volatility. The transaction value during games can run into millions. The risks are high, and so is the associated thrill. 

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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