Spinomenal to Make Crypto-friendly Slots Available

Crypto gaming will no longer be staying in the periphery as many software companies are showing interest in it. The fact is cryptocurrencies are growing up to be a separate market within the gambling industry. Now, the race is slowly getting on among the top players to dominate this market.

However, the market currently has only a small number of players partaking in the race. Among the few, Spinomenal is making some loud noises through its recent announcements for crypto gaming. Bitcoin Cash becomes one of the few tokens supported by the software provider. 

Popularly known as the hard fork of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash has received reasonable traction in the gaming industry thanks to faster transactions and larger 8-MB blocks. It is widely preferred for its ability to validate transactions at a phenomenally faster rate. This has led to a rise in gamblers looking for a Bitcoin Cash casino where users can wager using the token to receive lucrative rewards. This demand has helped BCH receive support from Spinomenal, one of the leading casino software providers. 

Spinomenal has been in the market for nearly eight years now. The journey of the firm since 2014 has helped it gain the 2.5 million players it currently hosts through its games and software. Although the firm provides software and HD graphics for several games, it is best known for its world in slot machines. Spinomenal is also the largest provider to offer support to cryptocurrencies. Players can wager or withdraw their winning in any of the cryptocurrencies supported by the firm. Currently, Bitcoin Cash is among the handful of supported coins on Spinomenal.

With Bitcoin Cash, the players can access any of the hundred slot machines that explore various themes. The popular games of Spinomenal include the African-wild themed Majestic King, mythology-based series Demi-Gods, Age of Pirates, and more. These games’ features range from 7500x progressive wins to alluring jackpots. Furthermore, the software provider’s partnerships with popular casinos will help the coins indirectly reach the client base of them, alongside the 2.5 million users of Spinonmenal. 

The last couple of years has laid a strong foundation for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2022. This is why we find even the brands that have been skeptical about them are becoming more interested in establishing their business in the Defi. This is expected to be a great year for Bitcoin Cash, with endorsements from brands like RocketPlay and Spinomenal. This could positively impact the price of BCH in the market. Everything points towards a profitable venture for both BCH and the players in online casinos in 2022. Those wishing to start with Bitcoin Casino can start with Spinomenal powered for better benefits and attractive offers.

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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