Atari to Create a Cryptocurrency Casino in Las Vegas Style in Metaverse

Atari is a pioneer in home video gaming consoles, arcade games, home computers and is now planning to create a Las Vegas-style crypto casino in the Metaverse. The gaming giant who is most popularly known for offering classic arcade and home video games such as Ms Pacman, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and more, will apparently create a crypto casino in the virtual space Decentraland, as a piece of a district that will be called the Vegas City. 

According to PSFK iQ Report, Brand Strategies For The Metaverse stated that at the center of the digital world of Atari, the ambitions include the plots of land that the firm has leased in an initial term of two years inside the metaverse and virtual land platform, Vegas City of Decentraland. Atari will act as the anchor tenant, and it plans to create a virtual crypto casino in this Vegas City that will feature all the Atari-theme gaming titles. Inside this, the players will be allowed to explore the crypto casino and look for the company’s list of wearables available at the casino platform. The virtual project will utilize Layer-2 solutions of Polygon.  

The casino will feature a plethora of video games, exclusively designed by Atari over its journey of 50 years as the software developers are looking to explore how the monetary and social metaphysical opportunity can be activated in the metaverse. 

As cryptocurrencies are being introduced in the gambling industry, more and more casinos are adopting crypto as one of their payment methods by introducing popular crypto coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, LTC, and more trending ones. Ripple’s XRP is one coin that has risen in popularity among gamblers recently. It has many benefits such as anonymous gambling, fastest deposits and payouts, lower fees, and many more. Players who love to explore the crypto space in the casino industry can try out any Ripple gambling site to win huge rewards in the process. 

the iQ report also added that Atari is effectively testing the waters in order to check the potential of their branded properties and how they are built into a variety of monetary and social metaverse opportunities. Since the gaming company has been an active part of this market for about 50 years or more, Atari is being successful in attracting the older crowd into the blockchain network as well as the metaverse. The company is a trusted and heritage brand that gives them a comparative advantage over other rival companies in this sphere.

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