Super Bowl fuels an increase in sports betting

Analysts have projected that the statistical data pertaining to sports wagering on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas will experience a substantial increase.

Previously, a comparable circumstance transpired in Arizona, where State Farm Stadium in Glendale hosted the organization of Super Bowl 57. The year at hand was 2023. State Farm Stadium features an on-site sportsbook managed by BetMGM.

Las Vegas was crowded with Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers supporters who had come to experience the exhilarating ambiance. 

Particularly noteworthy are California and Missouri, two of the twelve states that fail to offer certified sports wagering facilities. Consequently, individuals from Southern California who are passionate about sports betting travel to Las Vegas, while those from Northern California prefer to visit Lake Tahoe and Reno for their sports betting needs.  

It is well known that consent for sports betting in California requires the approval of the state’s Indian tribes that operate casinos. The state also claims to be one of the largest sports wagering arenas in the United States. The situation is that if the state starts legalizing and taxing sportsbooks, the illicit enterprises will suffer a direct hit. The American Gaming Association has long advocated for the closure of all unlawfully operating businesses. 

California got a taste of this through Wayne Nix, an illegal bookmaker playing at the MGM Grand, with its ex-president, Scott Sibella, pleading guilty in a federal lawsuit for failing to flag suspicious activity in 2018. Nick’s time came in April 2022 when he pleaded guilty to illegal gaming activities. 

Meanwhile, California maintains a stagnant stance on sports betting, attributed in part to persistent tribal opposition thwarting all attempts at legalization. According to Robert Linneman, an expert in sports wagering regulation, none of the proposals put forth resonated with the tribes. For Californians seeking options, exploring the best sports betting sites might offer alternative avenues.

According to Brendan Bussmann, a gaming industry analyst at B Global, the Thompson-Collins proposal was rejected, but the situation is expected to alter. He believes that regaining control of the sports betting industry puts it back in the hands of the tribes, who will be essential in developing the necessary solution. 

Tina Mattson is a sports journalist and working as a freelance news writer for She loves to play casino games in her free time, and she has extensive knowledge about most of the online casino games.

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