Superteams of WNBA drive interest in betting

The two superteams of the Women’s NBA are increasing the interest of fans in betting on sports. These are the Las Vegas Aces and the New York Liberty. Both of them are the favorites of fans who want to see them in the final. BetMGM has confirmed that there is a substantial increase in how many people are betting on women’s sports. A lot of credit for this has been handed over to the said superteams.

BetMGM reports an increase of 27% in the number of active WNBA bettors from one year to the next. There is still a possibility that wagering interest will increase as the league advances to the semi-final stage. According to Seamus Magee, a BetMGM sports betting trader, the most popular picks for the finals are Aces and Liberty.

They are likely to generate action that will increase wagering activity. Aces have a 39.6% probability of successfully defending their title for a second consecutive year. On the other hand, Liberty has a 23.2% likelihood of winning the championship. Magee stated that the reason for the increase in handles is because the league is entering its final stage.

Another factor that is contributing to the increase in betting activity is geography. Both teams belong to jurisdictions where mobile sports wagering has been permitted. There are a total of 10 WNBA teams whose regions can place wagers on mobile devices.

BetMGM has also reported a 40 percent increase in women’s golf and tennis wagering from one year to the next. Magee concludes by stating that the most-watched regular season and the expansion of legalized sports wagering are the two factors contributing to the increase in betting activities for women’s sports.

However, a lot of that action is on the edge since Liberty is currently in a 1-1 tie with the Connecticut Sun. They won the opener by 63-78 and bounced back in the second game by 84-77. Three more games and the interest in wagering would then be finalized. Aces, on the other hand, are keeping everyone’s interest active. The side is leading 2-0 versus the Wings, having won both their matches by 97-83 and 91-84, respectively.

The Aces and Wings will next face each other on Friday. Sun and Aces will next meet on the same day. The onus is pretty much on Liberty to keep the betting action alive. Both of them had a convenient win in Round 1. Liberty won 90-85 over Mystics, while Aces kept a broader margin of 92-70 against Sky.

Meanwhile, many in the NBA betting space continue to credit the formation of superteams as the sole reason for a jump in interest in placing bets in the WNBA. More factors, like geography and the expansion of mobile sports betting, are worth crediting for the success.

Aces have one more game to win for qualification, while Liberty must fight in the remaining events.

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