Three contenders remain for the 2023 WSOP top title

Out of a total number of 10,043 participants who signed up for the 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event, only three contenders remain for the top title. The buy-in for this event was $10,000, with a winning prize pool amounting to $93,399,900. The three remaining contenders are Steven Jones in the top position with 238,000,000, followed by Daniel Weinman with 199,000,000, and Adam Walton with 165,000,000. 

According to the top poker news, the last day of the event had 116 hands, out of which only three were left to carry on till the final moment. Incidentally, all three contenders are from the US, and the one opportunity of a German staying on with them fell flat with the exit of Jan Peter Jachtmann, who was in the fourth position. The last American winner was John Cynn in 2018. 

All three finalists are pleased with the progress of their individual games and the fact that they have been able to hold on right through the tournament. They are now provided with just a single night to go over their last-minute planning. The situation ahead of them is the availability of 100 big blinds for obtaining the ultimate top prize amounting to $12,100,000. 

On the last day, the first player was Daniel Holzner, who was compelled to exit. Next to follow was Juan Macceiras, who went up against Lewis and had to leave the table. Seven hands later, it was Lewis’ turn to exit, playing against Jones. Dean Hutchison managed to hold on for a while but finally had to surrender to Jachtmann. Ruslan Prydryk saw his chip count fall over a couple of games and finally had to make his way out with a winning amount of $2.4 million. He was in the fifth position. Jachtmann left a short while later with a career-best $4 million. The final day will witness the three Americans pitched against each other for the ultimate prize pool. Currently, they are holding onto $4 million each. 

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