Vegas Golden Knights lose season-opening face-off 3-0 to Penguins

The Golden Knights were favorites to win against the Penguins, considering their 13-4-2 record and the top position in the respective table. However, the tide turned when the Pittsburgh Penguins scored a single goal in every period while restricting the Knights to a zero record.

They were less affected, with a 9-8-0 record, coming strong right from the start. Players to have scored the goal are Noel Acciari, Ryan Graves, and Evgeni Malkin.

Moving forward, both teams will look to face other opponents. While it will be a ride for the Knights, the Penguins will have to change their gears with a couple of injuries in the squad. Four players have been ruled out either due to lower-body injuries or for an undisclosed reason. Mark Pysyk and Alex Nedeljkovic have been ruled out due to lower-body injuries. Will Butcher and Pierre-Olivier Joseph are now out of the squad for reasons the team management has not disclosed.

The Knights will only miss Nicolas Hague. Coming strong from the last 10 games, their average is 3.4 goals, giving away 2.4 nets in every game. Assists and penalties roughly translate to 5.6 and 4.4, respectively. The Penguins have given away more goals on average but have scored slightly better. The figures in the respective sections are 3.8 and 2.5. Assists come to 6.2 and penalties to 3.3.

Sidney Crosby is leading the ranks with 12 goals to his name for Pittsburgh, along with 10 assists. Marchessault is doing the job for his own side with nine goals and four assists.

The Golden Knights have now lost 2 consecutive games in the series, starting with the previous game that was played with the Flyers. The job is to break the streak in the next game against The Stars. This is where the story underlines the difference in the journeys. Pittsburgh has broken its losing streak of 2 back-to-back events by beating Vegas. It is now up to them to maintain the winning series by winning against the Rangers.

The Golden Knights were more likely to lose the previous contest. By the conclusion of the second period, their lead over the Flyers had been restored. The game ended in a loss after a scoreless second period and a single missed defense in overtime. The comeback occurred during the second period, when Jonathan and William each contributed one single point to the board and two netting, respectively.

The loss was bigger for the Penguins as Carolina could find a way to net the game four times, with three goals coming in the concluding period. Pittsburgh did open the event with a goal but could not sustain the momentum. Thereby, letting the net go away once in the second period. This disappointed the fans wagering on top NHL betting sites.

Games to look forward to in the NHL are Panthers vs. Oilers, Lightning vs. Bruins, and Stars vs. Rangers, among others.

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