Preview of Eagles versus Vikings in the NFL

The Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles will next play each other at Lincoln Financial Field. This event is interesting because both of them had disappointing openers to the season. What comes next could very well be an opportunity for them to bounce back from their previous loss.

First things first, the Eagles are scoring odds of -7.0 while the Vikings are dancing around +7.0. Many enthusiasts are looking to get onboard before there is a shift of even 0.5 on either side. That is something that has started happening. A couple of odd lines show the Vikings having +6.5 and the Eagles having -6.5.

While the Vikings did lose the opener, it is crucial to see how they come back, considering their preseason performance was nothing, not even close to being praiseworthy. Minnesota lost all three events before the season began. Their season opener came against the Buccaneers, where they got left behind by a deficit of 3.

The final scoreboard read 17-20 against them. All the losses till now have barely been close. For instance, the one against the Seahawks was by a negative margin of 11 points. The spread was apparently as high as 8 in Minnesota. The pop-up for 6.5 is new. Kirk Cousin’s history keeps coming out, making fans wonder about the worth of having their spreads laid out.

The Eagles are currently third in the NFC East table. They have two losses, including pre-season events. The margin was pretty thin except for the one against the Colts, where they could only bring up 13 points to chase 27. Their contest with the Patriots was a close one, even with a 5-point margin, keeping the odds high at some of the best NFL betting sites.

Scoring 16 points while restricting the competition to nothing in the first quarter sets the stage. What brings it down is the replication of that attempt by the other side. Here, the Patriots were able to put up 14 for the remaining margin of -2. However, they did manage to not let them score anything.

Three came up instantly after the break as the Patriots decided to take a few hits. The final quarter ended with an equalizing 4-pointer.

Jalen Hurts stood out on the line-up with a single touchdown and 170 yards of travel. Another touchdown came when Brown found a way to run 79 yards. Hurts could spin a couple of wheels in the next faceoff.

A thrilling game between the Bengals and the Ravens will follow it. There is already a lot of heat between the Jets and the Bills, with a 6-point margin going in favor of the Jets. They went on to make a rule after halftime. When the game went to OT, it was a clear objective to go all out for a 6-er jump. A response from the Bills was found missing to help further the Jets clinch the win.

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