WNBA Preview: Minnesota Lynx vs Las Vegas Aces for May 29, 2024

The Minnesota Lynx and Las Vegas Aces will lock horns in the next event of the WNBA. Lynx are more likely to secure the victory due to their increased confidence in comparison to their forthcoming opponents. Las Vegas also stands a chance, provided their defense takes the hit while helping the frontline throw some decent nets.

Lynx are 2-1 in their last three games, winning against the Liberty and the Dream by a margin of 84-67 and 92-79, respectively. They lost to the Sun when Connecticut was able to inch an edge by a single point, avoiding a draw that could have otherwise fetched a different result. Simply put, the overall tally of the last three games could have been different had the Sun not made the jump in the OT.

The previous game for Lynx had a slow end. They got off to a good start by consistently staying ahead of Atlanta. They lagged in the fourth quarter by a deficit of five points; the game was majorly over by then, and the Lynx had done their job. Kayla led them to the win with an individual 31-point contribution. Collier came in second with 20 points, followed by Alanna with 17 points. The trio is willing to back up their strengths once more for the side.

In order to avert any potential attacks, Las Vegas is engaged in the process of solidifying its lineup. Defensive strategies are more likely to be mutual, as Minnesota has prepared its stretches well. Expect another fast-paced kickstart with a slower reach to the end point.

The Aces have had the same streak in the last three games. They have a 2-1 tally, losing a single and winning the double. Interestingly, the loss came with a thin margin of 88-98 against the Phoenix Mercury. Las Vegas could not capitalize on the gain they had banked in the second quarter, losing the flow right in the following quarter.

Plum and Young managed to stand out with 27 and 23 points, respectively. Wilson and Kiah will now be tested for their capabilities. They lacked the will to rise above their performance. Hence, the next WNBA event will be pivotal for individual performances, if not for collective efforts.

The Aces would rather have a larger number of players than the Lynx would want to look for. This includes Plum, Kate, and Wilson. Alanna, Alissa, and Collier are the Lynx’s top performers.

It all now comes down to D-day; when Las Vegas and Minnesota face each other. Fans can view them live at the location, or they can alternatively livestream on Fubo and watch the broadcast on FOX5 Vegas, BSNX, and Silver State Sports & Entertainment Network.

The Lynx will be the favorites in court. The Aces will enter the court as a potential candidate to defy the odds.

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