Wynn Resort applies to USPTO to join Web3 via Metaverse & NFT

Wynn Resort has nearly achieved everything in the physical world. It, therefore, finds the urge to make it big in the digital world now. The industry indeed wants such players to fill Web3 with an amazing experience and get more users onboard. Assuming all trademark applications go through, Wynn Resort will surely look to enter the Web3 sphere with metaverse and non-fungible tokens.

According to an announcement made by Mike Kondoudis, the brand has approached the United States Patent & Trademark Officer with an application for six trademarks in the NFT marketplace, a store for virtual goods, virtual casinos, virtual concerts, and virtual clothing – footwear included, to mention a few. Trademark application covers Desert Inn and Wynn. The goal is the best online retail shopping experience with entertainment in the form of virtual concerts.

The application was reportedly received by the USPTO on March 17, 2023. Wynn Resort has plans for the NFT marketplace. Users who enter its marketplace will be able to access an image file that contains digital charms and is backed by a non-fungible token. These can be bought, sold, and traded by users in the form of crypto collectibles.

Metaverse by Wynn Resort will enable users to enjoy the services of the brand, like nightclubs, bars, and other virtual environments.

Wynn Resort is a publicly traded company that marks a major milestone for the Web3 industry. It has been looking to onboard millions of users. Now is the time it can heavily promote the entry of Wynn Resort. People who would otherwise find it difficult to reach the venue would be able to access all its services at their convenience. Wynn Resort is known for its ambiance and customer service. The same goes live on the internet.

More brands are coming up in the metaverse to connect with customers. It also gives them a chance to advertise their products and services without having to reach another location. For instance, Samsung has set up a space in the metaverse where customers can explore its products. Similarly, Wendy’s took a dive into the virtual space by collaborating with events to spread awareness about its hamburgers.

Disney has rather taken a tremendous lead in the metaverse. Reportedly, Disney has acquired a patent for a virtual world simulator in the real world.

Visitors of Disney theme parks will be able to use the application to interact with characters who appear through augmented reality. They will only need to carry their mobile phones to the theme park.

Interactions with AR-generated characters are said to be customizable for different visitors. Interactions will not be the same for everyone, and the experience will, hence, be different for everyone who visits Disney’s theme park.

Wynn Resort joining Web3 through Metaverse and NFT is a great deal for the brand and the industry. Approval of the trademark applications of the resort is awaited.

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