Kambi Group enters into a sporting deal with LMG Gaming

A new deal has made its way into the market. The benefits will be shared among the customers and the players alike. Kambi Group and LMG Gaming have signed a deal wherein Kambi Group will provide its sportsbook feature to LMG Gaming.

The initial plan is to roll it out on all mobile devices. Once successful, LMG Gaming will aim to launch retail sports betting throughout Puerto Rico. The retail launch will be through a network of outlets that will be set up during the course of the development. LMG Gaming, on the other hand, is bringing its brand ApuestaPR into the picture. The brand will be responsible for accomplishing the ultimate objectives laid down by the parent umbrella.

To start with, ApuestaPR will leverage the marketing tools and APIs of Kambi Group. Additionally, ApuestaPR will utilize the marketing opportunities on the Teleonce television network. All the factors combined, especially marketing opportunities, will enable the brand to reach out to a large number of audiences.

Winter Horton, a partner at LMG Gaming, believes the potential will enable the brand to become the most popular sports betting platform in Puerto Rico. A significant portion of this assumption stems from ApuestaPR’s unrestricted marketing access to the top-rated Teleonce television network. It is anticipated that the important retail connections will play an equal role in the process.

Kambi has been chosen after thorough research. What worked well for the sportsbook provider is its standing in the category of “best in class” in the industry. Winter Horton echoed the same tone in this statement while stating that the venture was honored to build its business in Puerto Rico with them.

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Kambi, Kristian Nylen, described the partnership with LMG Gaming as an exciting opportunity. Kristian has expressed confidence that Kambi’s expanded empowerment and marketing tools will allow LMG Gaming to reach a broader audience.

Kambi’s enhanced betting experience will assist maintain player interest throughout the duration of the game.

According to a press statement issued by Kambi Group, the partnership is meant to be in effect for an extended period of time. Kambi Group has committed to supplying ApuestaPR with its high-performance sportsbook.

Through this deal, ApuestaPR hopes to distinguish itself from its rivals. It will happen thanks to the unique marketing chances and resources available.

While the initial provision is solely for mobile devices, there is a plan in place where the brand looks to adopt the retail model. LMG Gaming has a long way to go, though. The marketing plan, for now, includes signing celebrities for endorsements along with a roster of on-air talent.

Assuming the deal takes off positively and the brand can register a greener bottom line, Kambi and ApuestaPR will look to stay longer in the deal.

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