Circa Sports pushes for higher prize money in NFL contests

Circa Sports has made a significant modification to its NFL contests. The sportsbook has pushed for a higher limit in prize money by increasing the limit to $14 million. Circa Million and Circa Survivor also see an increase in the number of entries for every contest. The team is now eyeing to lower the overlay, something that hampered last year’s edition.

Prize money in 2021 was $10 million, further pushed to $12 million in the following year. It was only obvious to climb a little higher this year.

Million V will feature the entry of $1,000 and the guaranteed payout of $6 million. Circa is targeting to onboard at least 6,000 entries to tally the payout. It fell short by 4,691 entries in the previous version of Million, thereby suffering an overlay of $1.3 million. Players will be tasked with picking 5 NFL picks against the spread.

Survivor will feature an entry fee for the guaranteed payout of $8 million. This is an increase from $6 million, which was the figure in 2022. Circa is looking to have a minimum of 8,000 entries to match the guarantee. What made Circa push for a higher payout is the venture witnessing 6,133 entries.

Here, the objective will be to pick a straight winner of the NFL without any point spreads involved. Derek Stevens interacted with the media to clarify talks over the move. The owner of Circa Casino stated that they wanted to bump up the prize money in Survivor because they were able to surpass last year’s guarantee.

Adding more to that, Derek highlighted that they really want to become one of the best NFL betting sites by making football contests a key part of their contests.

Stevens also addressed overlay suffered by the platform, saying that the guarantee will be the same for Million; however, it will be pushed for Survivor as Circa could overachieve the target. 2022 is not the only year when Circa had to shell out an overlap. The platform had to cover $1.92 million in 2021 as well, specifically for Survivor. Circa has, in total, incurred approximately $3.2 million in overlay to date.

Steps are in place now to tackle the core issue. Circa has increased the maximum amount of entries they will accept for every contest. Million earlier had three entries, but the figure has been modified to five. The same has been done for Survivor, where the maximum number of entries is ten against six which was previously the case.

Meaning contestants can purchase up to ten entries for Survivors if they lose the opening entry for Thursday Night Football.

Circa has eliminated the undefeated bonus worth $1 million. Stevens has justified this by saying that Circa really wanted to focus on making the guarantee bigger, and therefore, it will be important to eliminate the undefeated bonus.

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