Another Two Card Rooms set to Reopen in Las Vegas in September

The poker scene in Las Vegas, Nevada, is catching up. After months of lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas poker clubs are finally gearing up to reopen. Nevada state authorities are easing some of its restrictions on how public establishments can operate during the COVID-19 situation. In the latest developments, two more Las Vegas card rooms are ready to reopen soon. 

In September 2020, a couple of more poker establishments are expected to resume their business. Their reopenings stand an opportunity for other poker card rooms to resume their businesses in the coming months. Silver Sevens and Westgate card rooms, located in 15-minute proximity of the Las Vegas Strip, are likely to reopen soon, starting with their small card rooms.

According to the Las Vegas Gambling Commission, Westgate will reopen by September 10th, just a week away from the reopening of Silver Sevens on September 1st. Both card rooms are not among the poker hotspots in Las Vegas. These destinations are instead some small-time casinos that offer only a limited table area for poker.

Westgate has only eight poker tables and adds a few more on the weekends. It has rarely had its poker card room packed. Silver Sevens is also a mid-sized casino located at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. It has fewer tables, compared to Westgate.  Their reopenings, however, will provide Las Vegas poker players some options and getting back to their lifestyle. The Las Vegas city is trying to rebuild its live poker scene by reopening such small establishments one by one. The main poker destinations in Las Vegas continue to stay closed since mid-March due to the COVID-19 crisis.

By early-2021, more than 50% of Las Vegas poker rooms could be reopened. The global health pandemic will compel major establishments to stay shut. But, small and mid-sized Las Vegas casinos will get a green signal to open their doors. After Westgate and Silver Sevens, around 16 poker rooms will get reopened in the city. The remaining 15 casino establishments, which do not run poker games, will be shut for a longer time. The high revenue share contributed by live poker to Nevada is one of the main reasons why the state is prioritizing the reopening of poker parlors.

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