Knicks Gaming Shatters With Loss in “The Ticket” Tournament

Knicks Gaming’s competitive journey at the NBA 2K League’s third and final tournament of 2020, “THE TICKET,” came to a disappointing end. Despite starting the tournament on a winning note, the official NBA 2K League team of Madison Square Garden Co. was shown doors by its rival, Grizzlies Gaming002E.

Before the beginning of the tournament, the esports team was eyeing at making it the second win in three seasons. It started well when they defeated Pistons Gaming convincingly in all three games in their opening round, thanks to the duo @Malik and @CantGuardRob, who lived up to Knicks Gaming’s expectations.

Those who closely follow the NBA 2K League very well know that it is a privilege for a team to have superstar players like @Malik on their side. Relying on his skills, the team entered the tournament with a quad of young faces, including @CantGuardRob and @Duck, among others. Of these @Duck has already earned the reputation of being the second-best pick and point guard.

With all going its way, Knicks Gaming was surprised by Grizzlies Gaming to which it lost to 2-1 in a three-game series. The only game they won against Grizzlies Gaming was dominated by @CantGuardRob, who shone again along with @Duck.

The acquisition of new players by Knicks Gaming was a part of its plan to prepare a team for the 2020 season that is an excellent combination of young and pro players.

Looking at the performance of Knicks Gaming and the players they drafted for the first time ahead of the season, it would not be wrong to say that they were competitive enough, though they lost the tournament.

With their loss in the tournament, the dream of Knicks Gaming to secure a spot in the 2020 NBA2K League’s playoffs fell apart.

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