BC.Game offers $1500 in Prizes via World Cup 2022 Parlays Battle

The FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar fever is sweeping the globe, and the gaming industry is no exception. Even BC.Game, one of the most popular sportsbooks, is capitalizing on the trend with its new initiative.

As the FIFA season is at its peak, good crypto sportsbook are giving away exciting rewards, and this site is also offering over 1,500 dollars with the World Cup 2022 Parlays Battle. According to the official tweet by BC.Game, the top ten players who have the best combo with the 10x multiplier will earn these prizes.

The platform even released an official post to inform users about the event and its rules. The World Cup 2022 Parlays Battle started on November 21 and will run until December 3.

Users are required to place multiple bets on the matches with a minimum of 6x. These wagers must be placed on at least three matches available on any market. Every bet slip for the games must be published openly, as any closed bet slip is to be deemed ineligible.

No half-win, half-loss, or voided bet will be considered viable for the event. Similarly, BC.Game will not accept any cash-out wagers. There is no minimum VIP status requirement for registration.

However, there is a minimum wager requirement of five dollars or its equivalent. Except for JB, every cryptocurrency is eligible for the competition. The top players receive a portion of the reward based on their ranking.

Every competing player who has completed the minimum requirements will earn 35% of the prize pool. Here is a quick overview of the prize pool:-

RankPoolNumber 1Number 2Number 3Number4Number 5-10Other Participants
1 to 50500 dollars125 dollars60 dollars40 dollars25 dollarsEqual share of 75 dollarsEqual share of 175 dollars
51 to 1001,000 dollars250 dollars125 dollars75 dollars50 dollarsEqual share of 150 dollarsEqual share of 350 dollars
101 to 1501,500 dollars375 dollars180 dollars120 dollars75 dollarsEqual share of 225 dollarsEqual share of 525 dollars

Given the popularity of BC.Game and the World Cup, it is anticipated that the event will be a tremendous success.

Tina Mattson is a sports journalist and working as a freelance news writer for She loves to play casino games in her free time, and she has extensive knowledge about most of the online casino games.

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