The Ugly Duckling by Greentube is now available for B2B partners

Greentube had earlier announced that it would take its 5-reel slot, the title The Ugly Duckling, live for B2B partners on November 22, 2022. It is now learned that Greentube has stood by its word, making the title available for its partners in all regions.

Its extreme volatility prolongs the time between gaining profits. When earned, they are in pretty huge amounts. Special features like Snap Drop, Turbo Mode, and Diamond Tales appear from time to time to make the gameplay interesting and rewarding.

Turbo Mode accelerates the speed of the game. Those with less patience have the option to pause the play and resume it at a later time. The fifth chapter, however, allows players to pause the game in a restricted number of instances. Nevertheless, Turbo Mode features an accelerator that can be pressed to the maximum speed.

The Ugly Duckling is a fairy tale where one duck embarks on a journey to become a beautiful swan. All of this happens in front of the player with vivid visuals and an intuitive interface.

There are a total of 40 win lines for the game that is based on Hans Christian Anderson’s tale.

The slot has a basic premise of venturing out to collect Diamond Heart, which further takes players to Snap Drop or Diamond Tales.

The Snap Drop feature provides single free spin. This results in Diamond Hearts with multipliers. In contrast, Diamond Tales offers players three free spins. This allows them to collect the maximum number of Diamond Hearts possible.

Snap Drop can be triggered randomly by dropping the Snap Drop symbol on Reel-5. The catch is that the special reel must contain Diamond Hearts. The number of re-spins depends on the number of hearts on the Special Reel. The reel will not spin if there is no number on the heart in the Special Reel.

In addition, there are Red Diamond Hearts and Gold Diamond Hearts. Both serve a similar purpose, with the exception that the Red Diamond Heart increases the value of other Red Diamond Hearts that have landed on the reel. Instead of adding values, Gold Diamond Hearts doubles them if they have already appeared on reels.

Greentube, a part of NOVOMATIC Interactive, is presenting The Ugly Duckling. The goal is to consistently provide a safe and secure gaming environment for gamers from across the globe. The content is designed to different locations so that players can more easily relate to it for entertainment purposes.

Greentube’s 1998 successful introduction of the 3D sports game Ski Challenge demonstrates that the company supports innovation. In 2010, Greentube and NOVOMATIC formally joined forces.

The Ugly Duckling is now available for B2B partners. Depending on the operator they registered with, players may need to wait for a time.

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