Can you make a profit playing skill-based slot machines in long run?

Skills were not a requirement for playing traditional slot games. All players needed to do was choose a preferred game, pay bets, and spin the reels. Slot games have worked their magic for many decades and have evolved with more reels added pay lines, inspired storylines, and realistic graphics. What has remained the same is that there has been no connection between slot machines and skills. 

Only a few years ago, slot game providers started to develop skill-based slot machines, allowing players to control the game’s outcome and win money based on their skill. These skill-based slot machines combine the elements of regular video games with slot games. With this, they have created a more competitive and interactive gameplay experience where players can acquire the skills and make profits in the long run. 

In this article, we will discuss skill-based slot machines, present a few benefits of playing these games, and compare skill-based and traditional slot games to prove that players can profit in the long run by developing skills to play the former. 

What is a Skill-Based Slot Machine?

Skill-based slot machines are a relatively new gaming style that deserves more attention and a proper explanation. This new form of slot game certainly adds a pinch of excitement with a skill-oriented approach where the game does not entirely rely on luck and allows players to showcase their required skills, play the game successfully, and make money in the long run. All of this is true only if they have the necessary know-how. Skill-based slot machines are more attractive to young gamers who do not consider regular slot machines fun or exciting. Many players look for deposit bonuses to help them enter the game smoothly and improve their skills quickly.

How do Skill-Based Slots Work?

Frequent casino visitors may have seen a skill-based slot machine without noticing it. It is because modern games do not look any different from regular slot machines. However, what is on the inside makes all the difference. Whenever a bonus feature is triggered on the skill-based slot machine, the game no longer remains a game of luck or chance. To win, players require a certain level of skill. For instance, players may need to win a car race or connect three symbols in a row. These actions are not very demanding but require concentration and skill. A defining element of skill-based slot games is interactivity. However, players do not necessarily have to participate in these skill-based mini-games. They can still go for a simple bonus, such as free spins, that automatically take them to the luck-based slot games.

There are many online platforms that offer skill-based slot machines; for instance, in MyBookie casino review, it is mentioned that it offers a range of slot options to players, which is worth checking out.

Benefits of Skill-Based Slots

While analyzing slot games based on skills and their substantial impact on modern gaming, we have explored many benefits compared to playing games based on luck. 

Firstly, players can start playing these slot games on small deposit gambling platforms and hone their abilities until they can invest more money for every spin. With this, the players’ winning chances steadily grow as they keep playing the games to improve their abilities. 

Second, skill-based slot machines make the overall gaming experience more interesting since players do not solely depend on luck. Indeed, there is always an element of luck involved in winning new slots, but that is only up to a point. Beyond that, the odds of winning grow significantly. 

Third, skill-based slot machines benefit the players and casino operators as they can attract young gamers with the prospect of earning profits in the long run. It adds to the casino’s overall versatility and offers an exciting entertainment option for every player. 

Skill-Based Slots vs. Traditional Slots

Most slot enthusiasts prefer slot games because of their random nature. They usually prefer to sit back and let luck take the wheel instead of focusing on every decision on the slot reels. While there is nothing wrong with playing games this way, many crave a high level of gaming engagement from slot games. Skill-based slots have a distinctive approach, allowing players to influence the gaming results. Players who like to have complete control of the spin outcomes can choose to play skill-based slot machines. 

Regular slots are simple to understand. They use RNG (Random Number Generator) that presents a combination of symbols on the wheel, displayed to the players. RNG completely governs the chances of winning or losing the game. The only influencing factor here is the amount the players are betting with. Skill-based gaming machines are also based on luck since the game has not completely changed. Players still have to place their bets, spin the reels, and then RNG puts up a selection of symbols on the screen. 

But skill-based slots offer one major difference: the bonus round with which players can test their skills to win additional money. The bonus round gets triggered by a match of a particular set of symbols, also known as scatter symbols, after which the players are taken to the bonus round to use their skills to test. 

For instance, Space Invaders is based on the classic 1978 Arcade game, where players can trigger the bonus round with at least three scatter symbols. They get to choose between interactive bonuses or free spins. Interactive bonuses take the players to the second screen, where players control the spacecraft to shoot alien invaders. Although the game is fun and exciting, it is hard to master. Hence, although it is a game of luck that takes the player to the bonus round, they can improve their chances of winning by working on their gaming skills.


Skill-based slot machines give an entertaining and unique twist to the otherwise luck-based classic casino game that has been around for centuries. Traditional slot games will always remain popular among gamers, but the younger generation demands more exciting features and wants to play games based on proficiency and knowledge instead of just luck. Keeping this in mind, many online casinos, such as Mybookie Casino, have decided to introduce a more exciting version of slot games that allow players to acquire skills and earn profits in the long run. 

Joseph Watkins is an avid gambler and also contributes the in-depth & most recent Las Vegas casino news stories. He joins as a news-editor recently with almost two years of experience in sports news writing.

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