Celebrities moving towards the PokerGo Studio for gaming experience & social cause

Celebrities of all hues are making plans to head toward the PokerGO Studio. This will be the venue for the All in for CP Charity Event that will be organized by One Step Closer Foundation, along with PokerGO, as well as ARIA. 

The event happens to be slated for the 4th of march, 2023. There will happen to be an entry fee of $1,000, out of which 50 percent of the amount collected will be forwarded to the charity, while the other half will be extended towards the prize pool. For all of those who may be inclined, there will also be a $500 rebuy, as well as a $500 add-on. 

Amongst the many celebrities and Hollywood actors that are expected to be in attendance at the venue on that very day, famous names such as Ted Danson, Cheryl Hines, as well as Kevin Pollak are doing the rounds. So are some of the MMA fighters like Roy Nelson, along with the 2009 World Series of Poker (WSOP) winner Joe Nada. The interviewer on the red carpet is expected to be Jessa Hilton. 

The One Step Closer foundation happened to have been established in the year 2007. The Founders are Jacob Zalewski, along with the late Sam Simon. The entity has been capable of raising the amount of $1.5 million with the help of poker charity events. This event happens to be after the last one that was organized in the year 2019. 

According to Zalewski, the organizing of the event happened to have its own share of obstacles, with them having to get reapprovals in the state of Nevada, along with the required permission from the NGC. Incidentally, he happens to be suffering from cerebral palsy, and his foundation happens to be working on a permanent cure for the same.  

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