Mohamed Mokrani wins the 2023 EPT Paris

For Mohamed Mokrani, it just so happened to be the day. Mohamed Mokrani was declared the eventual winner of the championship and the winning sum of 305,300 euros following a grueling round of play that lasted for more than fifteen hours. The Hotel Regency Paris Etoile hosted this extremely prestigious poker tournament, the 2023 PokerStars European Poker Tour Paris. 

In the 2,200-euro High Roller event of the France Poker Series (FPS), there was a total prize pool of 1,747,200 euros. Nine hundred and ten players participated in the competition.

Two local professionals, Mohamed Mokrani and Antony Marchetti, were paired against one another in the last round. The fact that Mokrani was able to remove seven players from the final nine players caused this circumstance. In the endgame between the two of them, Marconi emerged victorious and went away with a winning sum of 305,300 euros, leaving Marchetti in second place and winning 190,450 euros. 

In the final round, Jon Kyte of Norway, the seasoned Italian Francesco Delfoco, Wagner Ripper, and the Brazilian Luis Celso also competed at the nine-handed table.

The remaining 134 players, who also happened to have left the game early, arrived in the afternoon. Both Ori Hasson and Alexandre Reard were included. Suddenly, players like Sylvain, Anton, and Ken Okada started heading for the exit, and the oustings started happening more frequently. Mauricio and Nariman Yaghmai stood up to leave the table during the last five rounds. They observed the dismissal of Gaelle and Emil, who had persevered, but it had not been their day. 

To everyone’s amazement, however, Stoyan and Marton Czuczor eventually stumbled and fell. In the end, the winner was determined to be Mohamed Mokrani, who left the venue with a winning sum of 305,300 euros. This happened just ten hands later.

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