ESL Declares the date of NLC Tournaments

ESL gaming production company on December 15, 2020, has announced that they are planning to organize the Northern League of legends Championships next year from the next January 19. This eSports gaming tournament – NLC that is going to be held will be of prize pool of money worth 1 million SEK (i.e., USD 120,000). The main purpose and the objective of the NLC competition is to attract as well as bring talent from the diverse regional leagues under one roof to perform, compete, and play with each other.

The Electronic Sports League which is now known as “ESL” is an eSports organising and production company that produces video game competitions worldwide founded in year 2000. ESL is part of Modern Times Group and subsidiary of DreamHack company. It is one of the world’s largest and oldest eSports company operationally successful till date since its inception. Further, ESL had launched successful the NLC in year 2020 and had also arranged a tournament in August 2020.

Nordic telecoms company Telia has announced to be the title sponsor of this NLC event. Telia is company that operates the regional league for Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, titled Telia Esports Series, and this time the NLC has also decided to include the UK & Ireland regional league the UKLC, as well as the segregate Iceland Open.

NLC tournaments important dates and schedule of the games are as follows: 1) The championship will begin on January 19, 2021, where the NLC spring games splitting starts with a group stage will straddle over the five weeks of competition period. Then, in this all-participating teams will have to play two games per week; 2) from March 02 to 21, all the 4 teams from every group in the competition will play matches to further compete, eliminate, and stay in the tournament; 3) From March 22 to 24, the relegation series, where the top 2 teams from the Telia Esports Series Masters will compete with the two lowest-ranked teams from the NLC.

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