InPoker Unveils a Referral Program With Continuous Rewards

InPoker announces that it has launched a referral program for users who have registered on the platform. The referral program enables users to earn a continuous commission of 30% on every new member who registers on the platform. The fee can be collected after a player generates 2 BUSD in rake.

While every referral program only allows its partners to earn a one-time commission, InPoker has chosen to make a difference by going in a different direction. Registered users who can get new users onboard end up making passive income regularly and not just one time.

All they have to do is generate a unique link and share it on social media or directly with the person they know. Once they register and engage with the content, generating positives for the platform, users earn a commission every month. 

The referral program launched by InPoker is open for all, provided they register on the platform. Once registered, users are directed to a dedicated dashboard where they can generate a unique link that helps keep track of the invited users. The dedicated dashboard gives an insight into how much a user has accumulated in terms of rewards.

A list of invited users can also be viewed on the dashboard. Details related to sub-affiliation and cookie duration are currently unavailable, and they could be shared in the coming days as many more details are awaited by the people.

It is important to note that only those invited users are counted who click on the link shared by registered users. In case a different link is used, then that does not get in the list of Invited Users. Clicking on the link and registering on the platform is the only way they are counted as a valid entry.

Invited users can take time to engage with the content and generate rake. In other words, a user immediately registering on the platform does not guarantee a reward immediately unless they instantly engage with the content. Earnings generally appear in the Payout section of the dashboard.

The generated link can either be sent directly via Email or copied-pasted on other communication channels, and both are great ways of getting more users on board. Emails must, however, be restricted to those who are aware of who the registered user is to avoid getting marked Spam.

Social Media sharing is a much better way to reach a wider audience. It applies mostly to those who are influencers, but users with small followings can do wonders as well. It is all about how much the word is spread.

Referral Programs are a great way for businesses and users to earn decent money. Businesses earn as they get a newly registered user, and users earn in the form of a commission. The referral program launched by InPoker aims to do exactly the same but with a continuous commission.

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