Jennifer Tilly wins and loses on the episode of High Stakes Poker

To break the suspense right at the beginning, Jennifer Tilly entered the High Stakes Poker tournament as an unlucky participant. In all fairness, her fight was close, except that she kept raising the bar only to fold her hands later in the negotiation.

The 10th season’s fourth installment brought a celebrity that is soon to be followed by many more; however, the focus is on Tilly and her battle with contestants who gave everything they could for a win. The first 45 minutes were amazing for Tilly, who experienced a smoother ride on a bike. Things turned bad when she went head-to-head with Ballande.

Starting with an $800 straddle, she received $10,000 from the blind. Bellande framed the mindset for a win with a flop of 2-10-6. Tilly had a chance to improve the flop, but instead, she went for a bet of $15,000. A response from Bellande saw her raise $40,000, following which Tilly raised $125,000.

After Bellande moved in with all $281,000, the session saw an increase in an aggression on both sides. That was near the point where Tilly decided to fold her hands and let things go.

Rheem came for the battle against the Hollywood star, who went out for $10,000, giving her a flush with a straight draw. Rheem raised $25,000, after which Tilly hit the worst hand she could at the time.

Tilly had a strong turn against Bobby Baldwin, earning her $60,000 after the champion failed to connect on the straight draw.

More celebrities are expected to attend, including The Magician, Antonio Esfandiari. Out of action for some time, Antonio would look to flex his poker skills before taking a seat. Known to be partially retired from the game, the Magician still holds control over the gameplay with the brilliance of his hands.

Other known faces that could appear in the battle are Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Ivey. PokerGO has to be set as the final venue for the 10th season of High Stakes Poker, where the 5th episode will air at 5 p.m. PT.

The 10th season has also undergone a major change, with Nick Schulman taking over the role of broadcaster after replacing the legendary Gabe Kaplan.

Tilly is believed to have gone better versus Bellande since she first hesitated to pull the trigger against Matt Hanks in a pot worth $100,000. Ema had a better time since the payoff worked well for the $20,000 bet. It was only after the flush of 10-high against Rheem that he came out with a king-high flush.

Tilly remained at the center; however, the action could still have been better. More celebrities will appear for a better fight and entertainment at High Stakes Poker.

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