Join the 7 days BC.GAME Endorphina multiplier battle & win $4,000

A $4,000 prize pool waits for a list of winners who can land the highest multipliers in select ten games. BC.GAME has announced the beginning of Top Tier Endorphina with the time window of October 12 (2 pm GMT) and October 19, 2022 (2 pm GMT).

In addition to the prize pool, a player, or players, who achieve the bounty, will be eligible for a share of 10% of the total prize pool. The time window will automatically lock at the deadline, after which participants cannot submit their entries.

All they have to do is achieve the highest number of multipliers in select ten games. Each game has a different minimum bet, a condition that must be met for the entry to be considered a valid submission. Participants have 7 days to try the games and get their numbers to the best figures.

All the submitted multipliers are to be added to calculate the final score. Participants submitting multiple entries for a similar game will see the highest score added to the calculation. They must be at least on a VIP04 level to participate.

An entry will be valid if it has a minimum payout of 10x.

Bet sizes differ for all ten games. BC.GAME has highlighted that and the information can be found mentioned in the table that is drawn below:-

GameMinimum Bet Size
Book of Vlad$0.10
Cyber Wolf$0.10
Dia De Los Muertos$0.10
Magnum Opus$0.10
The Vampires$0.10
100 Zombies$0.20
Hell Hot 20$0.20
Hell Hot 100$1.00

All cryptocurrencies except BCL and JB are eligible to fund the account. Bonus Buys are allowed, but players cannot submit entries from the Free Play Mode.

The bounty requires participants to achieve exactly 50x payout. The players closer to completing the bounty will be considered if no participant can reach the exact payout of 50x. All the original rules and conditions apply to the bounty format as well. Winners to achieve the bounty get 10% of the total prize pool.

Participants must share the link and the screenshot in response to the official threat created by the platform. Remember to enable the view in USD mode before taking and pasting the screenshot.

The prize has been set aside as follows:-

ParticipantsPrize Pool

Participants who finish at the top in different categories will receive $500.00, $750.00, and $1.000.00 for 1-100, 101-150, and 151-200, respectively.

All the eligible entries must also mention the Bet Slip URL, the absence of which will lead to disqualification of the entry from the event. One must select the Bet ID and click the Share icon to share the game.

From epic promotions to an array of unique games, BC.Game casino never fails to impress players offering lucrative bonuses. 

Players must not miss the golden chance of bringing a huge sum of money to their account by fighting this 7-day Endorphina battle.

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