UFC Vega 27: Rob Font Challenges Cody Garbrandt

The dissimilarities of the UFC Vegas 27

The game of UFC Vegas 27 kick starts on the 22nd of May, 2021, as none of the teams is gaining favor over the other. It will be located at the APEX facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event will be poised by the presence of the elites among the bantamweights. The highlight of the main event will be Cody Garbandt, the former champion, taking down on Rob Font, standing 3rd in the ranking. The Bloody elbow is all set to open up the betting lines for this unique challenge, followed by other UFC Vegas 27 events.

Anomalies of the betting odds

As the betting lines were opened, the former possessor of the title, Cody Garbandt, held a position with a -140 minus line, while Rob Font opened up in an underdog position with +110. However, the rampant inrush of gamblers has pushed up his money line from the positive to the negative side at -112. Strikingly, the line for Cody has seen a drop and moved to underdog marking with standing at +102.

What caused such odds?

It can be perceived that the wagers are expecting an early conclusion to the pick’em game with no favored side. The font has set a record by finishing 12 of his 18 adversaries with a 66% finishing rate. Looking at Garbandt, he has knocked out 10 of his 12 victims, with an 83% slaughter rate. Furthermore, the prop bet of ‘fight doesn’t go to decision‘ has achieved a favorable line of -280 with a +220 line for the option of ‘fight goes to a decision.

Which fighter holds the potential?

It is worthy of watching which of the fighters will be crowned victorious. The exotic gambler supporting Font is in trend with ‘Font wins inside distance’ with a +135 mark while Garbandt is leading at a mark of +190 with ‘Garbandt wins inside the distance.’ Wagers can pitch a price at ‘under 2 ½ rounds’ or for ‘over 2 ½ rounds’ at a dog value of +112.

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