NFL Commissioner teases Las Vegas big game success

The NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has announced that the NFL is heading towards the big game in Las Vegas. He has said that the buzz for a game has never been higher. Considering the event is happening in Las Vegas, the excitement is naturally at its peak among fans and partners.

Super Bowl 2024 is still 68 days away, yet the game has already earned the title of “Big Game” in NFL history. CBS Sports has stated that they are nearly prepared for the evening, with plans to deploy 110 cameras on the field. This contains 20 4K zoom devices for the best possible picture and replays, 3 drones, 20 pylon cameras, and 5 aerial cameras. These will be displayed at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024. The goal is to cover the game from every angle imaginable.

Sean McManus, the Chairman of CBS Sports, has said that they are ready to showcase not only the game but also what Las Vegas can offer in all its glory. Sean has expressed confidence in Las Vegas, saying that it will be an incredible backdrop to the biggest showcase.

Both tickets and ad spaces are sold out. Ad spaces, sought after for $6 million–$7 million for a 30-second duration, reflect the immense popularity of the event, drawing attention from various industries, including NFL betting sites.

The excitement can also be measured by Goodell’s statement, wherein he says there will not be enough inventory to take care of everyone’s demands. Goodell’s statement hints at the facilities being used to their maximum capacity due to the high demand. Suite sales plus ticket sales are off the charts, exclaimed Goodell.

Las Vegas is now the only city to have hosted the Pro Bowl, NFL Draft, and Super Bowl. Goodell, based on the current success of the event, has said that while this is the first time it has happened in Las Vegas, it is certainly not the last time for the city to be hosting the league.

Steve Hill, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority has called their association with the NFL a remarkable partnership, adding that they are glad to be a part of the event that has changed the course of Las Vegas.

The NFL has concluded Week 14 of 18 with the Bengals beating the Jaguars 34-31. Week 14 of 18 will begin with the Steelers locking horns with the Patriots. The last game of the event went to OT where the Cincinnati Bengals clinched three points to break the tally. They were led by Jake Browning, who covered 354 yards for 1 TD. Trevor Lawrence’s 2 TDs for 258 yards went down the drain when the side could not capitalize in the crucial moment.

All the involved personnel are confident that the Super Bowl will deliver an exciting experience to fans and partners. There is also speculation that Las Vegas will be hosting many more events like these in the future.

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