NFL to hold a 1-week pre-game celebration before Super Bowl LVIII

The NFL, that is, the National Football League, has announced hosting a 1-week celebration before the commencement of Super Bowl LVIII. Las Vegas will be the host of it, with fans coming from across the country or the world to express their love for the game and their favorite teams. Super Bowl LVIII is scheduled to happen on February 11, 2023 (Sunday).

However, the excitement will brace up right from February 04, 2024. Pre-game events cover a lot of things, including press conferences, NFL breakfast, and the opening night. All the events will be open to everyone, most of them allowing entry only through tickets purchased from

Kickstarting the Football series of events is the opening night for Super Bowl LVIII. Crowds can start gathering for the meetup on February 05, 2024, precisely 6 days before D-day. It will encompass a session of press conference where coaches and players will make an appearance for the media. Since the event will be under the limelight, given the weightage the line-up has, only select media staff will be allowed to enter the venue.

It largely refers to obtaining direct access to coaches and players for their thoughts and tentative inputs. It remains to be seen how much of it will be live-streamed for the fans and how much of it will be retained for publishing purposes. Needless to say, the participating media companies will share their plans in due course.

Tickets for the Super Bowl LVIII opening night will be available on the official website for $30, starting December this year. Pieces of information like the number of tickets, entry, and VIP access are yet to be shared.

As per the latest sports news, four days of pre-game excitement will host the Super Bowl Experience. This will happen from February 07, 2024, to February 10, 2024, at the Mandalay Bay Convention. It will see an interactive park popup centered around the game as a theme. It will be a great chance for fans to see the Vince Lombardi Trophy in person, take a photograph with it, and probably collect a few autographs.

The 58th edition of the Super Bowl holds excitement, for it is happening in Las Vegas, the epicenter of entertainment for people of all ages. Tickets for the same will be available on the official website of the Super Bowl in December 2023.

Then there is an event that is likely to stand out in someone’s itinerary – Taste of the NFL. It will happen on February 04, 2024, at the Keep Memory Alive Events Center. It will be a dinner event, the menu for which will be crafted by personalities like Tim Love, Carla Hall, and Mark Bucher. Tickets can be bought for $1,200 through Ticketmaster, later going as a contribution toward GENYOUth, a non-profit organization based in New York City.

Super Bowl Breakfast will happen on February 10, 2024, at Caesars Palace. The time window is 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. This will be a part of the year-old tradition, which began in 1988.

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