NHL preview ahead of the Stanley Cup playoffs

A total of 16 teams are in the arena of the NHL. Insights ahead of the Stanley Cup playoffs aim to highlight what could probably go right or wrong for the favorites. These include the Florida Panthers, the Carolina Hurricanes, and the New York Rangers.

For starters, the Panthers are leading 2-0 against the Lightning. Interestingly, their number of goals and win margin were the same in both games: 3-2. Five more games to go, and the field would have them as the winners. This is based on the momentum that the Panthers have set so far. The recent NHL event against Tampa Bay was an early win as the team scored a double in the opening segment. It was later tied by the Lightning, and the game went to overtime, where a single by Florida brought them back to the win.

The Rangers have a similar trend, except their win margin was broader in the first game.

The Capitals lost to the Rangers by 4-1 when NYR introduced triplets in the second segment. That was the same phase when Washington attempted to stay alive with a single goal. That went down the drain when New York nailed the final pin to the scoreboard. An OT was not needed, for the work was fairly done.

It is up to the Islanders to redefine their strategy if they want to keep up with the 2-0 overall tally against Carolina. The Hurricanes last won the NHL game against them by a margin of 5-3. The Islanders had an edge until the second segment, but then Carolina found the back of the net four times for a thrilling end.

Carolina Hurricanes are at the top of the charts to lift the Stanley Cup with +450 odds to their name. They are followed by the Oilers and the Panthers, with +650 and +650 odds, respectively. The Rangers share the figure, while the Knights rally behind with +1000 odds to their name. These are for reference, and the odds could change later depending on how players and events are being rolled out. For instance, an injury to a key player could hit the entire squad.

Upcoming games will build on the excitement that Jets versus Avalanche and Canucks versus Predators have architected. They were the last to trigger sportsmanship among fans when the Avalanche and the Predators bagged a win. NHL betting sites are surely buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming clashes, which include a highly anticipated matchup between the Maple Leafs and the Bruins, the Stars and the Golden Knights, and the Oilers and the Kings. 

The best 7-game series will showcase a better line-up of those who can lift the Stanley Cup. Most of the scenarios should open the possibility by the end of Game 4—like the Florida Panthers, the Carolina Hurricanes, and the New York Rangers winning their next two games. The series will not be tied, and they will be better positioned for advancement.

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