Odds for NFL Playoff begin to come out

The National Football League (NFL) Draft has concluded with New York getting its hands on the QB department after landing Aaron Rodgers. It is now time for the NFL tournament to kickstart the season. However, there are a few days left within which it is better to review the odds for the football teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the highest odds of advancing to the next round. They feature the odds of -550 in their favor, with playoffs being the next round in this scenario. The lowest advancement odds per NFL betting sites are sported by the Arizona Cardinals at +1,125. A total of 14 teams will make it to the playoff round.

The 2023 edition will replicate the format that was drafted in the 2020 season. Seven teams from both conferences will make it to the next stage. Meaning there will be a total of 14 sides in the postseason gameplay. Division winners will be ranked 1-4, with the remaining sports being selected through wild cards.

Top-ranked seeds will compete with each other, and others will have the following chart for reference:

  • Number 7 versus Number 2
  • Number 6 versus Number 3
  • Number 5 versus Number 4

The number 1 seed will face others following the conclusion of the first round. Winners will then advance to the championship, and toppers will move on to Super Bowl LVIII. It is scheduled for February 11, 2024, with the hosts being Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, NV.

Circling back to the odds, New York Giants enter with +150 odds in their favor and -180 odds against them. AFC could alternatively see the Cincinnati Bengals pose a tough competition with -320 odds.

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