Raiders win their NFL opener against Broncos

The Las Vegas Raiders have won their NFL opener by a single margin against the Denver Broncos. It was a 17-16 lead at the end that concluded the event. This marks their first victory under Josh McDaniels, their coach. He, however, has credited the win to Jimmy Garoppolo.

His yard has registered a figure of 200 for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception. He was assisted by Jakobi Meyers, who recorded 2 touchdowns for 81 yards. Empower Field saw the other side respond strongly. It was a lot of baggage for Russell Wilson to carry, but he eventually bagged 2 touchdowns for 177 yards.

There was no clarity on which side would clinch the victory, especially since both sides’ third quarter was scoreless. As a matter of fact, the Raiders were in a 3-point deficit by the time they reached the first half. The Broncos failed to make their mark beyond three successful attempts. That was in the fourth quarter, which favored the Raiders.

Garoppolo hails from the likes of the 49ers and Patriots. It was precise passing that brought the team closer to victory. Complementing that was a shorter approach adopted by the Broncos.

The Raiders are now leading the table in the AFC West. While the win is not surprising after their pre-season miracle, it was a tough call for fans to make about whether their players would get to the end zone. A total of three games were involved, and they could come up 2-1 after the conclusion. The last event was terrible, for the tally was short by almost 50%.

It was 16 against 31 in a game played with the Cowboys. Others were sweet wins, with the first one coming against the 49ers and the second coming against the Rams. Las Vegas will next meet Buffalo on September 17, 2023, at Bills Stadium.

Denver is short by 0-1, following their record of 2-1 in the pre-season. The only win was against the Rams, where the opponents showed no interest in putting up a score. Their previous losses were indeed by a small margin, but they were losses nonetheless. That, too, against the likes of the Cardinals and the 49ers.

They will next meet Washington in the same venue on September 18, 2023.

Another close win in the NFL is the Dolphins against the Chargers. The final tally was 36-34, with most of the action coming in the second quarter. It was a winning edge for the Dolphins since the previous installment was an equalizer when looked at individually. The third quarter followed the trend, with the fourth one being beneficial for the Chargers only as a stand-alone.

As for the Raiders, Garoppolo drained the clock with his strong defensive line-up. It comprised Divine Deablo, Maxx Crosby, and Nate Hobbs. This is the first away win for them and the first home loss for the hosts in the NFL’s ongoing season.

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