Raiders won 20-14 against Chiefs, their first since 2020

The Las Vegas Raiders took the lead against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first quarter and continued the momentum until the third quarter. What happened in the final section was a setback that the winners could afford. The final tally was in their favor, with the board displaying 20-14. It is now history in the making for the second consecutive time. The first was landed against the LA Chargers, bringing up 63 points. The recent one pertains to clinching victory on the surface of Arrowhead Stadium since the 2020 season.

A basic run-through shows that the Chiefs ramped up the pace in the second quarter, lost it just after halftime, and were unable to make an impact after that. There was a slim probability because the Raiders were limited to nothing. Six more, and there may have been an even tally.

Nevertheless, O’Connell covered 62 yards for 9/21 without any interception or TD. Jack Jones came up with a single for 4/1. It was a true defensive show by the Raiders, backing two defensive TDs in just 7 seconds of the first half.

Justin Watson led the fourth quarter for the opponents, but in vain. Patrick Mahomes covered 235 yards for 27/44 with one TD and one interception each. Watson’s 38-yard tour came tumbling down, with teammates not responding to his efforts. Responses, if any, echoed less within the walls, and fans felt that.

The Raiders have now built recent football success on the foundation that was established with a tally of 63-21 against the Chargers.

The Los Angeles Chargers woke up way late; the game was done and dusted till then. Las Vegas had accumulated 42 points in the first half itself, leaving the Chargers with nothing—a zero. It was downhill for them from that point. That was enough to create chances for the Chargers to make a comeback. They did not do that.

According to the sports news, The Chiefs are now looking to get their winning streak back. It has broken before. The last win was against the Patriots, 27-17, before losing to the Raiders. The upcoming two chances for the Chiefs are against the Bengals and the Chargers.

The Raiders would want to continue their winning streak; however, it is also hard to ignore that the sport of football is unpredictable when it comes to injuries. Their next two games are with the Colts and the Broncos.

The Chiefs and the Raiders hold the top two spots in the AFC West table. The Broncos and Chargers are the teams that come after them.

Other games to look out for in Week 17 of 18 of the NFL are between the Browns and the Jets, the Cowboys and the Lions, and the Texans and the Titans. An event between the 49ers and the Ravens ended Week 16 of 18, with the Ravens emerging victorious by a tally of 33-19.

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