Sportradar and TDI establish a global data and streaming deal

Sportradar has formed an association with Tennis Data Innovations (TDI) to gain international data and the right to stream games. TDI is in a joint venture with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and ATP Media. 

This long-term agreement will be responsible for Sportradar obtaining data and the rights to stream the games in terms of wagering and media data rights. This involves every tennis game played out on the ATP Tour as well as the ATP Challenger Tour. This will bring about a revenue increase and enhanced fan involvement options.

Sportradar will utilize its entire array of ATP solutions to strengthen the involvement of tennis enthusiasts with its offerings of better products and services. This will involve larger streaming, advanced in-play wagering spaces, and custom-made wagering products. 

Sportradar will engage with TDI to build products related to media. The company will utilize its OTT platform to live stream ATP Challenger Tour games on ATP’s Challenger TV. A Tennis Innovation Lab will be set up to take advantage of various options.  

Sportradar will launch Integrity Services for all tennis events with a partnership. The organization will have to identify and protect against things like match fixing and malpractices.

According to the betting news, David Lampitt, the chief executive officer of TDI, supported this association. From his perspective, it would generate novel opportunities on a global scale and benefit all parties involved. Innovative technologies will be implemented as a result of the agreement reached with Sportradar.

Carsten Koerl, the chief executive officer of Sportradar, says that computer vision and artificial intelligence will be implemented to develop new products and services. With improved facilities, the association is certain to facilitate an increase in revenue collection and attract a greater number of tennis enthusiasts.  

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