Station Casinos Enhances Sports Betting Operations With Mobile Betting App

Station Casinos recently enhanced its sports betting operations with its new mobile betting app. The app comes with better promotions, prices, and an expanded menu under Jason McCormick’s jurisdiction. Jason is the new sportsbook VP of Station Casinos, helping the venture gain new heights.

With the new app, the competition amid Bitcoin Betting sites and crypto sportsbooks will increase immensely. Jason is a well-known personality in the sector as he has previously worked as the Red Rock Resort’s director. The new VP took the place of Art Manteris back in May after the longtime sportsbook ended his 43 years-long services in Las Vegas.

Jason talked about the situation stating that it feels like replacing Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. Art is a living legend and Hall of Famer in the sector, added Jason. The Chicago-based director has been in the sector for 18 years, and following in his footsteps is an honor.

After Jason left Red Rock resort, the sportsbook hired Chuck Esposito to fill the position. Chuck has worked as Sunset Station sportsbook’s director. Currently, STN has appointed Jason Simbal as the sports director and Bert Cirincione as the retail operations director.

According to Jason, the latest STN sports application is quicker and easier to function. In addition, it comes with an esteemed in-app wagering experience with digital play-by-play statistics, ball location, and a scoreboard.

The application comes with different betting options like the team over, under totals for pitching and batting props, and each game. It also renders the ability to purchase up to two points on each side and total basketball and football games.

Jason said that the company is trying to expand its menu to anything the customers are willing to bet on. With the recent developments, Station Casinos is offering more props than ever before.

Tina Mattson is a sports journalist and working as a freelance news writer for She loves to play casino games in her free time, and she has extensive knowledge about most of the online casino games.

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